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About Me Profile

Personalised care made simple

Birdie’s About Me profile will help build a complete and individualised picture of the person you care for.

Build a complete picture

Get a greater understanding of your care recipient’s unique personality.

Stay responsive and updated

Easily update your care recipient's profile as you learn more.

Build trust and your reputation

Build trust with care recipients & grow a reputation for person-centred care.

What partners love about Birdie’s

About Me Profile

About Me houses all the information needed to start conversations, break the ice and improve trust between your care professionals and the people they care for.

Upload a profile photo of each care recipient

Help your team build connections before they’ve entered the home.

Document all key details and update instantly

Keep a complete record for likes, dislikes, routines, religion, power of attorney and more.

Record key clinical details

Record crucial details such as NHS number, current GP, medical history, allergies and intolerances.

Caring Forever
Harrison Fensome
Managing Director

We’re already seeing a massive, massive impact on our day-to-day with using the Birdie medication management system. We’re picking up on errors, and our auditing has seen a massive, massive improvement.

Frequently asked questions

What is Birdie’s About Me Profile?

Covering a broad spectrum of questions around personal preferences and identity, Birdie’s About Me profile will give you the tools needed to get a complete and individualised picture of the person you care for.

Why is RAG status important in care and do you have RAG in Birdie?

It’s important that your care be responsive to the changing risk profile of your care recipient. Birdie’s RAG system makes it easy to choose a risk level for a care recipient and to be confident in the care delivered.

What is the About Me information standard?

Birdie's About Me tool is aligned with the About me information standard. This includes a record of people important to your care recipients, key information about what matters to each care recipient, preferred communication ways and more.

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