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Designed to personalise every aspect of your care

Care management

The smart minds at Birdie are on a mission to improve the quality of care for older adults - starting with innovative care management tools.

Manage care team
Needs and risk assessments
Clients Tab
About Me Profile
Raising alerts and concerns
Carer app
Assessment reviews
Plan and schedule tasks
Digital body maps
PRN protocols
Electronic sign-off
Secure call monitoring options
Risk status for clients
Secure check in/out
Easy to use eMAR
Configurable care plans
Outcomes tool
Assessment recommendations
Holistic care profiles
Visit planning
Custom observations
Medication Management (e-Mar)
Documents uploader
Manage your people


Built with leading HR experts to remove the headache of manual payroll operations, do the complex calculations for you and help you step away from spreadsheets - for good.

Onboard a new carer
Carer permissions
Schedule availability and absences
Record certifications, skills and trainings
Make scheduling a breeze


When things change, let Birdie do the heavy lifting. With smart technology and auto-suggestions, it will help you match carers to customers based on availability and care continuity, so you’re always two steps ahead.

Configurable rota screen
Visit templates
Manage visits in Runs
Assign carers and clients into groups
Real-time travel estimates
Schedule by care continuity
Working Time Regulation alerts
Skills matching
Travel time visuals
Auto-assign tool
Drag and drop tool
Scheduling calendar
Absences, holiday and working hours
Stay in control of your billing


Cut down your regular invoicing workflows by days and take on new contracts with the confidence they won't make your life any harder at the end of the month.

Funding and contracts set up
Holiday rates
Invoice rates
Pay dashboard
Visit reconciliation
Travel rates
Invoice templates
Mileage and travel rates
Expenses management
Purchase orders
Your complete auditing toolbox


A suite of auditing and analytics tools to help you make the right decisions for your business and provide the best quality care.

Carer feed
Custom reports
SMS and email notifications
Live dashboards
Full audit trails and change logs
Client Feed
Medication auditing
Non-visit notes
birdie analytics
Automated workflows
Client auditing forms
Incident reporting
Real-time alerts

Keep everyone in the know


Birdie’s connecting tools make it easier than ever to give loved ones and health professionals the real-time care updates they need.

Third party access
Audit trails for third party access
Recipient access to care notes
Recipient-specific sharing codes
Third-Party Access

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