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PRN protocols

Seamlessly record PRN protocols

Our protocols equip you with all the information you need to administer PRN medications with confidence.

Easy to use

Easily create a protocol when scheduling PRN medications.

Boost team confidence

Give care professionals instant access to protocols in the Birdie App.

Quickly demonstrate compliance

Care Managers can quickly evidence use of PRN protocols.

What partners love about Birdie’s

PRN protocols

Our PRN protocols support your care professionals to administer PRN medications confidently and accurately.

Give additional information around how to administer the PRN

Including dosage, minimum time between administrations and symptoms to look out for.

Provide a reason the medication is needed

To give more insight into the intended use and outcome of the PRN.

Outline when to liaise with the prescriber

Guide your care professionals when to get in touch - e.g. the medication isn't helping as planned.

Alina Homecare
Care professional

It (Birdie) is the best thing ever. It really has made a huge difference!

Frequently asked questions

What are PRN Protocols?

PRN medications are prescribed to be taken as required rather than on a set schedule. With PRNs, the care provider is then required to give additional information, called protocols, to their care team when administering.

Why do I need PRN protocols in the system?

As a CQC requirement, you should give additional information to your care professionals about PRNs, including what symptoms to look out for, how this medicine is administered and what dosage can be given in a certain timeframe and more.

When should I use PRN protocols?

When your care recipient needs medicine with a PRN (pro re nata) or ‘when required’ dose you should provide PRN protocols to give all the required information to your care professionals about the PRN medicine.

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