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Flock is built to bring social care experts - and all that incredible wealth of knowledge – together in one place.

  • Do you have industry knowledge that may help someone else?
  • Do you want to grow your own unique career in social care?
  • Are you or your homecare business in need of a nudge back in the right direction?

There are so many experts working in Social Care - whether it’s in care delivery, running a business, managing a team, balancing the books, mastering technology or more.

These experts all come from different backgrounds, and have developed unique approaches that have made an incredible difference in the lives of those they care for.

Flock is here to bring all those experts together in one place.

The best thing about that?

Simply by joining Flock, you get access to all this knowledge for free.

The even better thing?

You are able to easily share your wisdom with others that need your expertise.

The best thing about that?

Simply by joining Flock, you get access to all this knowledge for free.

The even better thing?

You are able to easily share your wisdom with others that need your expertise.

How do I join?

So... Welcome to Flock. Welcome to the knowledge sharing, business building and people-celebrating community for social care.

We’re grateful you’re here!

What do I get from being a member of Flock?

Flock is your virtual home for all things domiciliary care.

By joining Flock, you become a key part of this vibrant professional community and receive...

Engaging Video Courses and Resources

Learn from leading industry experts through our free, comprehensive video courses and resources.

Discover downloadable ebooks, worksheets and high-quality bitesize videos from experts you know on topics you care about. New courses published regularly, to make sure you're up-to-date with the latest insights.

The Latest Industry Updates

We bring you the freshest news, insights, and trends, all in one place - in partnership with Home Care Insight.

Get daily bulletins, insider reports and commentary from all across social care news; making it easier for you to find out what you need to know, fast.

Secure Discussion Groups

Ask a question - get an answer. Easy to use discussion boards that allow you to post on any topic, and get support and answers from the community.

These groups are here for you to meet, chat and share with peers in the industry - but you can always post anonymously if you're asking about a sensitive topic!

The Foundational Series

Exclusive to The Nest: we bring you the ultimate foundational course for small domiciliary care businesses in the UK.

Embark on a transformative journey with The Foundational Course, an exclusive 12-part video series crafted for the heart of the UK's homecare industry.

Hosted by Mark Topps, each session invites you into an intimate conversation with guest experts, from Amrit CEO at Walfinch, to Camille Leavold, MD at Abbots Care, unravelling the intricacies of domiciliary care businesses, and how to nurture or sustainably grow your smaller care business.

Need more convincing? You can watch our first episode of the series Introduction to running a domiciliary care business by clicking the button below.

Flock specialist groups

Along with being able to give your feedback and make Flock into the community you want, there are specialist groups available for businesses and individuals who meet the joining criteria.

Looking to start your own domiciliary care business, or running a small business serving less than 60 clients? Join The Nest to get exclusive content, courses and events just for owners and managers of small homecare businesses. This is where you’ll find the full Foundational Series, hosted by Mark Topps!

Apply for membership to The Nest here >>

Are you a part senior leadership within a homecare provider serving more than 300 clients? Join the UK’s only network for senior leaders in large-scale homecare providers - The Executive Wing. This exclusive group meets to discuss the latest topics and challenges in the home care industry, in events both online and offline.

Apply for membership to The Executive Wing here >>

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