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Birdie's cost savings calculator

Birdie’s tools allow care agencies to improve efficiency across most day to day care operations and therefore reduce time and resource needed to perform these. These time savings can lead to significant cost savings. The calculator allows you to see yours.
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What are cost savings?
Cost savings occur when there is a reduction that causes future spending to fall below the level of current spending. Actions that can result in cost savings range from improving efficiency to negotiating lower prices for supply purchases.

These cost savings may then be removed from budgets, reinvested, or redirected to other spending priorities.
How does the calculator work?
The calculator provides can provide you with a cost saving estimate based on the time saved gained from the efficiencies. To do that we'll ask you to share how much time you currently spend on some activities.

The calculator applies the average savings observed by other Birdie partners - and then multiplies these time savings by the average wage you pay your back-office staff. You can get your results in less than 5 minutes.

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