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Rated Excellent based on 252 reviews

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We’re already seeing a massive, massive impact on our day-to-day with using the Birdie medication management system. We’re picking up on errors, and our auditing has seen a massive, massive improvement.

Harrison Fensome


Managing Director


Caring Forever

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Quality and Compliance

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Working at Birdie since 2019


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Working at Birdie since 2019

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Rated Excellent based on 252 reviews

Birdie's homecare technology unlocks visibility into quality, so you can be a true leader in care

We’re already seeing a massive, massive impact on our day-to-day with using the Birdie medication management system. We’re picking up on errors, and our auditing has seen a massive, massive improvement.

Harrison Fensome
Managing Director
Caring Forever
Caring Forever

Put outcomes first

Being held back by a system that’s only focused on time and task?

Your homecare technology should do more than translate paper to screens. From tools that monitor client goals, to a feed that spotlights trends in an individual’s record, Birdie makes it easier than ever to deliver the quality care that changes lives.

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Spot risks before they become issues

Are blind spots in delivery keeping you up at night?

Birdie empowers you to continuously monitor quality, so you can reduce auditing time from weeks to hours, and deliver a consistent service known for excellence.

Easy-to-read eMAR, real-time alerts, and a centralised inbox to manage incidents mean you no longer need to manually sift through care records or wait weeks to flag errors.

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Pave the way to 'Outstanding'

Struggling to put your best foot forward when it comes to inspections?

Birdie helps providers of all sizes navigate the latest in regulatory requirements, with structured, consistent processes in line with best practice. Our unique Q Score helps you monitor compliance in real-time, to help you be in great shape for inspections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Birdie?

Birdie is the homecare technology of the future, empowering care business of all sizes to transform the way they care, unlock a new way to operate, and build a supported workforce of carers. Our all-in-one technology, from care management and auditing to rostering and finance, goes beyond just digitising your processes, instead empowering you with the innovative tools you need to stand out and thrive in today’s evolving care landscape.

What types of care businesses use Birdie?

Birdie supports care businesses of all sizes to lead the way in care and grow to new heights. From providers getting ready to onboard their first client to those with years of operating behind them, Birdie can support you. Franchise business or independent model? No problem. Local authority, private contracts or a mix of both? We’ve got you.

What change management support do you provide?

Birdie has helped over 1,000 agencies feel confident making the switch to a new homecare technology. From our friendly customer success team to helpful resources, including a step-by-step implementation checklist, change management guide and extensive training academy, we’ll make getting up and running as smooth as possible. But don’t just take our word for it; see how one of our partners was able to onboard over 500 carers to Birdie.

How long does training take?

We know that adjusting to a new system involves some learning to get started. In order to make this journey with Birdie as smooth as possible, we've created a helpful, easy-to-follow training academy. Our Birdie Academy and step-by-step guides will help you feel confident and ready to get started in as little as 32 minutes.

What kind of support do you offer? Do I have to pay for it?

Through years of working with care agencies, we’ve seen that online chat is the best way to get your query dealt with as quickly as possible. Birdie’s live chat means you and your team can reach out to a member of our support team and expect a response in 10 minutes or less. The best thing? It’s free. You can also access hundreds of articles through the Birdie Help Centre, talking you through the key aspects of the system. Read more about the support Birdie provides!

Can I use Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) funds to pay for Birdie?

Yes! Birdie is an NHS England Assured Supplier, which makes us an available digital option for care businesses looking to take part in the Digitising Social Care programme, unlocking potential funding opportunities. Adopting and using a solution from the Assured Supplier List is one criteria for being able to access funding. That funding can be used to set up software, such as Birdie, to take your business and care quality to new heights.

How does Birdie approach clinical safety?

Clinical Safety is central to everything we do and build. As such, Birdie works to DCB 0129: NHS England’s Clinical Safety Standard for Manufacturer’s of Health IT Systems. We also have a Clinical Safety Officer (CSO), who supports Birdie to embed clinical safety into our culture and activities and assure our products are clinically safe.

What risk management frameworks does Birdie use?

Our risk assessment and risk treatment process follow strict guidelines and help us ensure the effective management of the lifecycle of risk from risk identification through to risk treatment. We maintain a company risk register, perform risk assessments for new products and changes, and have clear processes to respond to risk.

How will I be made aware of issues?

Birdie’s inbox will enable you to track and coordinate any and all issues raised across your business - and give you a single place to view and respond in real time. You can also choose to get notified by email or SMS so you can quickly address urgent staff concerns.

How does Birdie support evidence gathering?

Birdie makes it easy to showcase how you have gone above and beyond in your service. Tags enable you to continually log and categorise information and quickly surface it when you need to present it to regulators or in tender applications. Notes and auditing forms mean you can evidence key touch points, such as check-ins and client feedback are being completed at regular intervals.

What is Birdie’s Q Score?

The Birdie Q Score has been created in line with the Care Quality Commission's categories. We have created the Q Score to help our partners provide the highest quality of care and work to achieve” Outstanding.” This report creates a personalised score based on information taken you and your team input, with each category marked out of 4 in line with the CQC's scoring system.

What assessments does Birdie have?

Birdie has a comprehensive suite of over 25 assessments, enabling you to build a deep understanding of their risk, needs and goals. Each assessment has been co-developed with our partners and follows guidance set out by British Geriatrics Society’s Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, CQC and NICE. The best part? They have plenty of room to record person-centered detail.

Can I build my own assessments?

We want to enable you to focus on what matters: delivering quality care improving client outcomes. This means we take care of assessment building, collaborating with industry experts to develop high-quality forms that are aligned with best practice guidance and regulation. We are continuously scanning to identify and address gaps in our assessment suite, so you can rest assured that you will have the tools you need to effectively assess needs and risks.

Does Birdie support PRN administration?

Yes! You can easily create a protocol when scheduling PRN medications. These appear directly in the Birdie app, so you can help ensure they are being correctly and safely administered by your carers.

How does Birdie interact with third parties?

We know care is a team effort. Birdie enables providers to connect with everyone involved in a client’s care, from heath professionals and district nurses to council staff, using a secure third-party access tool.

Are families able to access Birdie?

Yes! We know care is a team effort and families often have a large part to play. From physical wellbeing and daily mood to medications and food intake, Birdie’s family app means everyone is connected and receiving updates on their loved one - no matter how far away they are.

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