A world in which we all age vibrantly and with confidence

Here’s the situation...

We’re all getting older

30% of people born now are expected to live to more than 100 years old. By the end of the century, 23% of the world’s population will be 65+. Currently it’s 9%. However, despite us all living longer, we’re still falling sick and needing additional care at the same age as previous generations.

Homecare helps us thrive!

A 2021 study showed that care at home results in better or equal health outcomes than residential care - while also being cheaper overall! Additionally, 9 out of 10 people aged 65+ say they’d prefer to stay at home with a visiting carer, rather than move into residential care. Less costly, better outcomes, longer happier lives... homecare is the way forward.

Tech makes homecare smarter

Smart technology already exists that personalises, recommends and predicts according to our needs. Tailored social feeds, smart fitness trackers, optimised todo lists… so now we’re applying all of that to delivering care. You can detect illnesses before they happen, recommend simple changes to improve people’s moods and prevent accidents that land people in hospital. It’s like having superpowers, except the phone in your pocket is doing all the hard work for you.

Enter Birdie...

Birdie began life in 2017, formed by Max, Raj, Abeed and Gwen. 

They had one aim in mind: Using technology to improve life for older adults at home, and for the professionals who care for them.

So they grew a team to make it happen. Care professionals, software builders, proven experts from all disciplines. 

Today, Birdie technology is used across the UK and Europe. We’re a B-Corp certified business, have been named as one of two top Home Health Tech providers in the 150 Most Innovative Digital Health startups of 2021, and work closely alongside health and research bodies to further proactive and preventative care at home. 

We are still most proud of one thing however; the growing community of amazing homecare professionals who use, inform and trust in Birdie for their everyday work.

One last thing - the name?

It’s a memorable name, we know that. Here’s where it came from;

Studies show that having a bird as a companion can improve your quality of life. In the same way, having Birdie as the companion for your care business can help improve the quality of life of those you care for, and support your care team wherever they go.

Cute, right?

Birdie's journey: our proudest moments so far...

May 2018

First live product

August 2019

B-Corp certified

May 2021

$11.5 million Series A raised

January 2022

First 30,000 care recipients helped

March 2022

100 Birdies in the team

May 2022

$30 million Series B raised

The birdie leadership team

Max Parmentier

CEO, Co-founder

Abeed Mohamed

CSO, Co-founder

Rajiv Tanna

CPO, Co-founder

Ben Walker

Finance Director

Jack Hanratty

VP Sales

Simon Lambert

Chief Technology Officer

Geraldine Lafontaine

Chief of Staff

Judy Boniface-Chang

Chief Customer Officer

Samuel Roze

VP Engineering

100+ brilliant Birdies...

The Birdie team is built up of passionate, driven individuals from all walks of life. There are former GPs and care managers, renowned designers, engineering gurus and compassionate communicators.

We work closely with partners to build our unique product, collaborate with each other and share in each others successes. Recognising passion and great work is a cornerstone of the birdie culture. Good people deserve the space and freedom to do their best work!

We’re growing!

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Who can tell you more about Birdie?

We want to show you all that the Birdie Platform has to offer, starting with a free, personalised demo. No hard-sell. No patter. Just a chance to see what Birdie can do for you!

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Working at Birdie since 2019


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Working at Birdie since 2019