A world in which we all age vibrantly and with confidence

Here’s the situation...

We’re all getting older

Thanks to the advancement of modern medicine, life expectancy keeps increasing. 30% of people born now will live to be more than 100 years old. Today, there are 700 million older adults in the world. By the end of the century, there will be more than 2.5 billion - a shift from 9% to 23% of the world’s population. Although our elders are all living longer, they currently still fall sick around the same age as generations before - putting increasing demand and cost pressure on the adult social care provision system. We need to come together to support this new social landscape enthusiastically and at scale.

Homecare is the way forward

In the UK, the government adult social reform policy paper released last December highlights that we need to “shift away from a reliance on residential care, and offer people genuine options for drawing on outstanding care at home and in the community” (source). A 2021 study shows that care at home is significantly cheaper as a whole for an equal or better health outcomes. Data also shows that nine out of ten Brits aged 65 and over would prefer to stay at home with a visiting carer, rather than move in with family or into a care home. That’s understandable - our homes are where we make precious memories, feel safest and retain independence.

Tech makes homecare smarter

Smart technology already allows us to get the most out of our work and social lives. Data enabled insights not only allow for personalised recommendations, but also predict what may be coming our way in the future. Now imagine that data being used to capture illnesses early, or to alert a care professional if a fall may be about to happen! That sort of technology can provide peace-of-mind to homecare providers, family members and the care recipients themselves.

Enter birdie...

birdie was founded around a core ambition: to use technology to fundamentally transform ageing. By ensuring the right care is delivered by the right person at the right time, in a personalised and preventative way, we can support our elders in maintaining the comfort and care they need to live longer and happier at home, surrounded by their history and the ones they love.

To get to this, the four birdie founders Max, Raj, Abeed and Gwen pulled together a team of technology builders, healthcare leaders, renowned designers and care partners to create a powerful home healthcare technology platform that makes growing older at home as simple as it should be.

Every person in team birdie has a singular purpose; to create a home healthcare technology platform that is best in class, helps care communities thrive and makes growing older at home the joyful experience it can be.

Why are we called birdie?

Studies show that having a bird as a companion can improve your quality of life. In the same way, having birdie as the companion for your care business can help improve the quality of life of those you care for, and support your care team wherever they go.

birdie's journey: our proudest moments so far...

May 2018

First live product

August 2019

B-Corp certified

May 2021

$11.5 million Series A raised

January 2022

First 30,000 care recipients helped

March 2022

100 birdies in the team

May 2022

$30 million Series B raised

The birdie leadership team

Max Parmentier

CEO, Co-founder

Abeed Mohamed

CSO, Co-founder

Gwen Le Calvez

CISO, Co-founder

Rajiv Tanna

CPO, Co-founder

Jack Hanratty

VP Sales

Oriane Millet

VP Finance

Geraldine Lafontaine

Chief of Staff

Judy Boniface-Chang

Chief Customer Officer

Samuel Roze

VP Engineering

100+ brilliant birdies...

The birdie team is built up of passionate, driven individuals from all walks of life. There are former GPs and care managers, renowned designers, engineering gurus and compassionate communicators.

We work closely with partners to build our unique product, collaborate with each other and share in each others successes. Recognising passion and great work is a cornerstone of the birdie culture. Good people deserve the space and freedom to do their best work!

We’re growing!

We’re always looking for like-minded people to join us on our journey.

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