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Birdie’s all-in-one platform unlocks growth by bringing all of your business’ data - from assessments to rostering - - in one place.

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77% of agencies using Birdie Finance have seen a positive increase in profit margins after one year with Birdie

30 million

Over 30 million visits delivered by partners in 2023.


Birdie is used by over 50,000 Care Professionals, enabling them to deliver person-centered, quality care.

A bird’s eye view into every corner of your business.

At the heart of every leading care business is a secret weapon: data. Birdie unlocks rich insight into every corner of your operations, so you can join the providers who increase their profit margin by 8% after one year with Birdie.

Scale with confidence.

From franchise networks to multi-branch operations, Birdie provides a solid foundation for complex and scaling operations. Comparative reporting between offices and automated actions help businesses not only save time but keep performance consistent, no matter how large they grow.

Unlock more time to care.

In times of tight margins and even tighter time, we know how important it is to focus on what matters. With easy access to insights and all your data, processes and people connected, Birdie empowers teams with tools that give time back, to care more.

“Time spent on processes has been dramatically reduced, because we’ve cut down the manual input. One of our HR team is able to so quickly pull information and use it in appraisals for example. All round it’s given us such a big boost in what we do during the day.”

Harrison Fensome, Managing Director at Caring Forever.

Product roadmap

We’re committed to being transparent with our partners, whose feedback is vital to building products that solve real challenges in care. Check out our public roadmap to see what we're up to right now!

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