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Birdie has an uptime of 99.99%

As one of the most reliable options on the market, you can trust Birdie with your team’s critical operations

Support CSAT score of over 90%

Get the support you need for everyone in your business to get onboard and feel confident.

Average increase in profit margin of 8%

Agencies who use Birdie Finance see an average increase in profit margin of 8% after one year.

20% growth after one year with Birdie

After one year with Birdie, agencies have seen a median growth of 20% more hours of care.

Trusted by over 1,000 homecare agencies across the UK

Built upon the largest data set of its kind in Europe.

Birdie provides the intelligence that enterprise care businesses need to deliver better outcomes and drive sustainable growth.

From franchise networks to multi-branch operations, we are committed to providing a platform that provides a solid foundation for complex and scaling operations.

Birdie for leaders

Bring together everything you need to efficiently run and grow a leading care business.

When we speak with leaders in care, we hear a similar aim: they want to grow their care business and maintain their reputation, but day-to-day obstacles have held them back. Birdie unlocks your potential:

  • Digestible performance insights that give visibility across your entire operation, helping you make the right decisions for your business.

  • Features that reflect the complexity of your business and help maintain your reputation for high quality care.

  • Dedicated network for large homecare businesses to ensure you’re connected with other leaders in care.

What our customers say

Hear about what it’s like to work with Birdie, from James Deeley, CEO of Alina Homecare:

Birdie for your network

Empower your entire network to focus on what’s most important: delivering outstanding care.

Scaling can come with problems. Birdie means you can maintain your high standards quality of care - no matter if you oversee an entire franchise network or manage 100 branches.

  • Insight on care delivery trends, so branch or franchise managers can compare performance between peers and deliver a consistent service.

  • Real-time delivery alerts, ensuring every branch or franchise location is receiving crucial information or carer concern as soon as possible.

  • Fast, friendly support that gives teams the answers they need whenever they need them - in under 10 minutes!

What our customers say

Find out how Walfinch is able to scale and grow its branches with Birdie

Birdie for finance teams

Flexible, HMRC-compliant tools that save your finance teams critical time and effort.

No matter your size, cash is still critical. That’s why Birdie supports teams to handle any billing or pay scenario that comes their way - and save previous time, so they can focus on improving the bottom line.

  • Visibility into profit and loss with reporting on estimated gross margin per client, so you now exactly where to move the needle.

  • Protect your cash flow with invoice tools that make it easy to get paid on time by councils, private clients and other funders.

  • Accurate pay models, with the latest regulation reflected in National Minimum Wage and Holiday Pay, so your care teams are paid for their great work.

Did you know…

Agencies who use Birdie Finance see an average increase in profit margin of 8% after one year

Birdie for people leaders

Empower your most important asset: your carers

Birdie has critical features that help your workforce spend less time on admin, more time on care. The result? Over 50,000 care professionals who use Birdie to confidently deliver care.

  • Easy-to-use carer app that makes accessing information and recording visits seamless.

  • Dedicated training academy that gets every carer up-and-running in just 30 minutes.

  • Real-time message centre, so carers are always informed of urgent rota changes and important client updates.

  • Pay and timesheet visibility that lets everyone feel confident ahead of payday.

“If they're (the care team) happy, we're happy. They do love it. That's one of the biggest things for us...from the fundamentals of just going live and getting that done, it showed it was intuitive and that people can use it.”
Charlotte Driver-Young, Director of Operations Christie’s Care.

Birdie for IT leaders

An interoperable platform that bring your tools and data into one powerful ecosystem.

A single source of truth of tooling - and of insights - is critical. That’s why Birdie's all-in-one system uses structured data and open API integrations to connect with the tools your teams uses every day, so inconsistencies are eliminated.

  • Seamless connection to BI tools so Birdie insights are surfaced within your own data ecosystem.

  • Industry-leading certifications, including Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001, that provide a secure foundation for any business.

  • Full compliance with GDPR so data is input and shared without ever compromising security.

Did you know…

Birdie conducts yearly penetration testing via KPMG and has an uptime of 99.9%.

Making the change successful

  • Driving technology change in large, complex organisations doesn’t have to be a painful process.

  • At Birdie, we’ve supported over 1,000 agencies in getting up-and-running, including some of the biggest networks in the UK.

See how Christie’s Care was able to onboard over 500 carers onto Birdie.

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