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Plan and schedule tasks

Plan smart, successful visits

Birdie’s smart task planning tool makes it easy to create a task plan that aligns to your care recipient’s needs and for every care professional to complete in real time.

Person-centered care

Easily create person-centred care plans based on the latest digital assessments and goals.

Real-time changes

Share changes as they happen - in real-time - and update your team instantly.

Easily collaborate

With detailed tasks lists, eMAR, and easy-to-fill observations, everything your team needs is directly on their phone.

What partners love about Birdie’s

Plan and schedule tasks

Birdie's library of curated and suggested tasks provides a task list that is easy to understand and complete.

Create a custom schedule of tasks

Use curated task suggestions - and determine their frequency.

Add detailed notes to each task

Personalise your care by adding bespoke notes to each and every task.

Create clear care instructions

Create step-by-step task lists and order by priority via drag-and-drop.

Alina Homecare
Care professional

You have it on your device, you have it on your laptop - so it is very user friendly. It’s safe for the carers, and gives you a lot of peace-of-mind.

Frequently asked questions

What is Birdie’s Task Planner?

Our Task Planner makes it easy to create a plan that aligns with your care recipient's needs and equips teams with everything they need to deliver quality care. You can create tasks that are mapped against the outcomes your care recipients want to achieve.

Can I personalise these tasks?

To provide more person-centred care, you can customise a task by adding notes and selecting the frequency and timeline of the tasks.

How will my team know what tasks to do during their visit?

The tasks that are assigned to any visit will appear within Birdie's Carer app making it easy for your care professionals to see exactly what tasks they need to follow and complete.

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