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Family App

Inspire their families

Birdie's Family App makes it easier than ever to give loved ones the real-time care updates - and peace of mind - they need.

Peace of mind

From physical wellbeing and daily mood to meds and food intake, now they’ll know what’s going on, exactly as it’s happening.

Real-time insights

With a few clicks, you can give transparent, live updates, so they know exactly what care has been delivered to their loved one.

Free to use

The Family App is free to use - because peace-of-mind shouldn't cost the earth.

What partners love about Birdie's Family App

Our Birdie Family App is here to give family members peace of mind about the care provided.

Secure access for families

Give approved relatives free, read-only access to care notes via the Family App.

Track any trends or changes in wellbeing

Provide a transparent overview of a care recipient's health and well-being over time.

View medication records from each visit

View medication records from each visit

Elite Care

 Emma Johnson,

Elite Care

"When we speak to family members and say that we use Birdie, and explain to them that they can have access to that and can see things that are happing live, that's a massive thing for them."  

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