Birdie compared to budget solutions

Choose a system that grows with your ambitions

Birdie’s all-in-one solution has been developed to help you grow your agency and reach your goals.

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Why choose Birdie over a cheaper alternative?

  • Our products have been developed to help you grow. That’s why 77% of agencies using Birdie Finance have seen an increase in profit margins after one year.
  • Our packages are designed so that as your business gets more complex, you can add the functionality that you need. New service provision? No problem. New council tender? Easy!
  • Birdie’s all-in-one platform means that all of your agency’s data - from invoicing to rostering - is one place. This unlocks the power of analytics to give you unparalleled insight into how to develop your business.
  • We’re constantly developing exciting new features. Simply check out our public roadmap to see exactly what we’re working on right now

Birdie is intuitive, easy-to-use and constantly evolving.

Adapt, improve and grow through detailed insights and trends

Birdie lets you harness the power of your own data, so you can easily identify how to grow.

If your provider can’t share insights and analytics that help you understand how your agency is performing, it makes it harder to develop and grow. Birdie offers:

  • A wide range of pre-built reports, from breakdowns of care delivery trends to team absences and revenue summaries. Drill down into areas of improvement and highlight examples of best practice whenever you need to.
  • Shareable and downloadable insights so you can evidence your care quality when applying for new tenders.

Rely on a system that’s built to develop with you

Confidently take on new packages of care, with a flexible system designed to handle complex finance scenarios.

A product that fails to support you as your business gets bigger and more complex could mean you’re searching for a new solution every few years. Our platform scales as you do, enabling you to take on new packages of care and onboard new care professionals with ease. For example:

  • Charge for plenty of types of care using different rates, so you can be confident the system will be able to support your new tenders.
  • Flexible invoicing tools allow you to split your invoices across multiple funders, charge additional visit fees and more.

Maintain best practice as you scale

We’ve developed detailed care plans, assessments and client profiles to facilitate personalised care.

Birdie offers plenty of room to record in-depth information about your care recipients and ensure that as you scale, you can maintain the quality and reputation that you’ve worked so hard for:

  • Over 20 clinically-validated digital assessments designed in partnership with care agencies
  • Clear audit-trails and time stamps of every decision made across Birdie’s care management tools so you can evidence your decision making at inspections
Customer story

Partners who made the switch love Birdie’s:

  • Analytics capabilities to understand every corner of their growing businesses
  • Flexibility for different types of service provision and contract
  • Offline Carer App, ensuring care professionals can access it even in areas of low/no signal

“The peace of mind we now have is priceless – the system we’re using empowers staff to fulfil their roles and duties, records are ‘live’ so we keep the service safe, and the birdie app and desktop hub is so intuitive.”

Leonie Goldson


National Manager


Reed Community Care