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Message Centre

Communicate, coordinate and audit - all in one place.

Revolutionise the way you keep your care team updated and informed, wherever they are.

Build confidence

Ensure your Care Professionals always have the most recent details of their visits.

Improve responsiveness

Inform your team immediately about urgent rota changes and important client updates.

Audit with ease

Quickly surface evidence through a centralised hub for all your message.

What partners love about Birdie’s

Message Centre

Our highly-requested messaging tool helps partners quickly and effectively send updates with Care Professionals throughout their busy day.

React and respond quickly to changes

Choose whether to message one, many or all your Care Professionals about last-minute rota updates and urgent visits in a matter of seconds.

Guarantee peace of mind

Push notifications ensure messages aren’t missed and read-receipts make it easy to know that important updates have been received.

Review and surface information with ease

Clearly link all your past messages with particular visits or clients, so you can demonstrate the responsiveness and quality of your care.

Sara Alderson
Registered Manager

"In response to any client changes that I get notified of, I contact every single one of the care team for that client - instantly - and tell them about the change. It is just being that responsive. We can prove that within minutes of receiving a change, the staff knew what was going on."

Frequently asked questions

What is the Message Centre?

Birdie's Message Centre has been designed to keeps Care Professionals informed as they go about their day, by sending notifications straight to their phones in real time. You can see whether your team have opened your notification to ensure peace of mind that they've received important or time-sensitive updates and you can also view a clear audit trail of all previous messages in one, accessible place.

What sort of messages can I send?

You can select from a range of message types, including rota updates, client updates, visit updates and HR updates, before drafting a short message. Then choose whether one, many or all of your Care Professionals receive the message before clicking send!

Will the message appear on a Care Professional’s phone?

At Birdie, we take your privacy and that of your Care Recipients seriously. Notifications will appear on a smartphone screen informing Care Professionals they have received a message. The message will be hidden to conceal any potentially sensitive information and only appear once the Birdie app has been opened.

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