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Attach a body map to any concern

Record anything from cuts, bruises, pressure sores, skin conditions and injuries - and act on them fast!

Share in real time

Easily visualise and share skin issues and concerns in real time.

Get instant visibility

Instantly see the site of the problem and investigate in seconds.

Quickly find evidence

Centralised time stamps, notes and actions make it easy to surface evidence for audits.

What partners love about Birdie’s Body Maps

As one of our most requested features, Birdie's interactive body maps make it easy to visualise any concern.

Attach multiple body maps to a single concern

Visualise multiple areas of concern, for instance bruising on both the head and elbow, in one go.

Select the type of concern raised

Including accidents, incidents, skin integrity and medication concern types.

Indicate the precise location of the concern

Our interactive tool allows for more detail and precision when reporting skin concerns and injuries.

CHD Care

Paul Milton,

CHD Care

"It really improves the record-keeping. Before Birdie, the carers would have to rummage for a bit of paper to sign. Now it's all on their phone in front of them, and it's become like second nature.”

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Everything you need to know about our features.

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