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HR Managers

Onboarding, training and compliance made simple with an HR dashboard tailormade for home care agencies.

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Did you know:

With Birdie Academy, staff can onboard to Birdie in as little as 30 minutes

Regular webinar support sessions help build your team's confidence with using Birdie

Have your team ready to hit the ground running

Seamlessly onboard new carers and have them delivering impact, fast

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]Birdie’s platform is intuitive and easy to use, even for people who lack confidence in using tech. [.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]
Speedy carer onboarding means less time between induction and visiting clients, helping increase retention of new starters. When care professionals are ready to go out on visits, they can hit the ground running with digital task checklists for each client.

Gain full visibility into team absences and availability, with people and rostering data in one centralised place.

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]No more switching between windows to see who’s available to work. [.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]
Now, everything you need is at your fingertips. Carer availability, staff absences and rota templates are available from one centralised HR dashboard.

Be confidently compliant - with a central record of skills and certifications and visibility into upcoming expiries

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]Ensure clients with specific care needs always get visits from care professionals with the necessary training and skill set. [.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]
Birdie records all skills, training and certifications in one place and alerts you when renewals are due, meaning reduced client risk and better CQC compliance.

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Customer Story

Christies Care and Birdie | [.text_orange-dark]How easy was it to onboard?[.text_orange-dark]

"Time spent on processes has been dramatically reduced, because we’ve cut down the manual input. One of our HR team is able to so quickly pull information and use it in appraisals for example. All round it’s given us such a big boost in what we do during the day."

Harrison Fensome


Managing Director


Caring Forever

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HR Managers

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