Birdie compared to patchwork solutions

Experience a truly all-in-one platform that saves critical time

Avoid wasting time on different softwares that have been cobbled together and focus on providing the best care possible

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Why choose Birdie’s all-in-one system?

  • Unlock efficiency with care management, finance, rostering and workforce experience tools that work seamlessly together because they were built together - no acquisitions, no mergers.
  • After one year with Birdie, agencies have seen a median growth of 20% more hours of care.
  • Agencies who fully use Birdie’s core Finance offering see an average increase in profit margin of 8% after one year with Birdie.

Birdie brings your teams and tools all in one unified place.

Streamline processes across your business

Birdie’s unified platform provides a single source of truth, so everyone is on the same page.

Using different providers or a patchwork software that require teams to check here, there and everywhere can hold you back from reaching your full potential. Birdie is different:

  • A single log in and central hub means you have all the information you need within Birdie, from care management details to rotas and finance dashboards.
  • One unified system means you no longer need to enter information multiple times across different systems, saving you and your team time and minimising the risk of human error.

Keep teams confident, with the latest information on hand

Our Birdie App contains the latest information care professionals need to deliver safe, personalised care.

Different systems that don’t talk to each other can have care teams feeling unsupported - or worse, result in delivery errors based on outdated information.

  • Real-time data updates means you’re always accessing the latest data inputted by office staff or collected at the point of care.
  • The Birdie app has everything needed to empower care teams, including the latest care plans, visit notes, PRN protocols and digital body maps, so there’s no more calling up the office for previous visit details or updates. Plus, your care teams can access all of this information offline!

Adapt, improve and grow through detailed insights and trends

Birdie brings all your data into one place, so you can easily identify how to grow.

If your provider can’t bring together your data, you can’t access insights and analytics that help you understand how your agency is performing, it makes it harder to develop and grow. Birdie offers:

  • A wide range of pre-built reports, from breakdowns of care delivery trends to team absences and revenue summaries. Drill down into areas of improvement and highlight examples of best practice whenever you need to.
  • Shareable and downloadable insights so you can evidence your care quality when applying for new tenders.
Customer story

Partners who made the switch, love Birdie’s:

  • Personalised recommendations on which assessments to complete for each client
  • Inbox function that lets you view and filter through actions and easily respond to any concern
  • Offline Carer App, ensuring care professionals can access it even in areas of low/no signal

“I can’t believe just how much quicker everything is now that everything is all in one place. This also means that the sole responsibility doesn’t just fall on me.”

Shelley Harlin


Registered Manager


Numada Homecare