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Client Feed

Calm, confident and inspection ready

Client Feed and Notes will transform the way you audit and evidence quality care.

One central place

Get a full picture of the person you care for - in one place.

Find the info you need, fast

Easily filter through an individual care record and identify trends.

Effortlessly surface evidence

Quickly surface care recipient-specific evidence for audits.

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Client Feed

Client Feed and Notes will transform the way you audit and evidence quality care.

View all alerts and visit notes specific to a care recipient, in one place

Client Feed centralises this critical information for all your care recipients.

Keep a record of non-visit information by using notes

Add a note to record compliments, complaints or third-party interactions.

Leverage filters to quickly search through the feed

Filters include note type, visit status, alert status, alert severity, concern type and more.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Client Feed and Notes?

Client Feed and Notes is a place where you can see all the information collected during visits in one central place, for an individual care recipient.

Can I see the alerts for a specific care recipient?

Yes, you can. Alerts for an individual care recipient will be centralised within their Client Feed. Here, you'll also see the alert details, such as the status of the alert, category of the concern, the severity of the concern, and privacy settings.

How does Client Feed support me with auditing?

With Client Feed, you will be able to see details specific to a care recipient such as visit logs, alerts and notes in one central place, making it easy to surface evidence for audits.

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