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August 2, 2022

How Christies Care found onboarding 500+ active carers onto Birdie

About Christies Care

With over 30 years’ experience delivering quality private home care for a range of needs and conditions, Christies Care is a family-owned and run home care provider offering high quality domiciliary care services to enable people to live well with care in their own home.

The Challenge

With over 500+ active carers at the time of their onboarding, Christies Care were faced with a seemingly impossible situation - shift the business onto technology (and save time, money and stress in the long term) but likely risk losing a number of care professionals who were not comfortable using new tools. To add to the challenge, none of the active carers were based in the Christies Care head office - making the prospect of onboarding them even more difficult. They also needed to onboard quickly - with lots of growth in the business, they needed a solution that could be switched on easily and immediately fit into day-to-day operations.

Joe Glass, Head of IT and Administration says of the challenge, "We spoke with a lot of different care providers not using Birdie but using other systems, to suss out how it was going to effect us. A lot of them had found they had lost carers over it. One said 10%! So we actually predicted quite an exodus...!"

That's a lot of pressure!

The Solution

Christies Care needed a technology partner that would support them step-by-step as they onboarded all 500+ care professionals remotely- as well as assurances that the software itself was easy-to-use, from both an office level and a carer perspective. They required clear training materials, options to include their own e-learning tools and a team on-hand to answer questions and provide simple, accessible support whenever they needed it.

Once everything was in place and ready-to-go, Christies Care needed to be able to 'press the on switch' and seamlessly deliver the high level of outstanding care their care recipients had become accustomed to.

Our demographic of carers tend to not be so 'au fait' with technology, and they were quite scared of the change - so we projected we'd lose some because of transitioning. And we didn't lose anyone. That says it all really!

Tim Middleton, Head of Operations

How they did it

Through a partnership with Birdie, Christies Care were able to manage both onboarding all their carers successfully and co-develop certain software features that would make everyone's lives much easier. Working closely with the Christies Care team at a senior and care professional level has meant that the technology fits perfectly into their growing business - and is proving to be an intuitive, instant hit with care professionals at Christies Care.

Despite their nervousness over a potential 'exodus', Joe Glass, Head of IT and Administration commented "We actually lost zero carers - so that goes to show how comfortable they were with it!"

What a result!

If they're (the care team) happy, we're happy. They do love it. That's one of the biggest things for us...from the fundamentals of just going live and getting that done, it showed it was intuitive and that people can use it.

Charlotte Driver-Young, Director of Operations

Onboarding 500+ Active Carers onto Birdie

Despite a big challenge and reservations over remotely onboarding 500+ active carers, Christies Care were able to get their whole team onboarded onto Birdie with minimal stress, error and concern. They acheived this through close communication with the Birdie onboarding teams, joint training sessions and materials and through choosing a technology partner that puts ease-of-use and intuitiveness at the heart of everything they create. Today Christies is rated Outstanding by the CQC, and continues to grow and serve a wide range of care recipients all across the UK.

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