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  • Create person-centered, digital assessments
  • Empower Care Professionals with an easy to use app
  • Get the essentials to digitise your rota and finance processes
  • Coordinate issues and resolve alerts in real-time with ‘Inbox’
  • Keep loved ones involved with our family app


Operate smarter and better manage risk, all in one place.

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Most Popular

All in Starter, plus...

  • Have instant control over medication administration
  • Assign ‘Actions’ to maintain accountability
  • Scale your rota using Runs and Groups
  • Make better decisions with pre-built reporting and insights


Drive better outcomes, evidence care quality and accelerate your growth.

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All in Core, plus...

  • Set Care Recipients’ outcomes and monitor progress along the way
  • Mark important tasks as ‘essential’
  • Visualise team capacity and utilisation
  • Collect and highlight evidence with ‘Tags’


Harness the power of your data and turbocharge your operations.

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All in Advanced, plus...

  • Customise and automate workflows to suit your processes

Care Management only

For those looking to integrate birdie's care management features with their existing rostering tool, drive better outcome and achieve total confidence ahead of inspections.

  • Empower Care Professionals with an easy to use app

  • Create person-centered, digital assessments

  • Have instant visibility and control over medication administration and visit tasks

  • Resolve alerts in real-time with ‘Inbox’ and assign ‘Actions’ to maintain accountability

  • Collect evidence with ‘Tags’ and use ‘Notes’ to record compliments and complaints

  • Set Care Recipients’ outcomes and monitor their progress

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Care Circle

Share information with third party access

Keep loved ones informed with the Family app

Care Quality and Compliance

View an audit trail 
of changes

Coordinate issues and resolve concerns with real-time alerts

Get email and SMS notifications

Benchmark performance against KLOES with our ‘Q Score’

Identify care trends in the ‘Client Feed’

Record compliments and complaints with ‘Notes’

Assign ‘Actions’ to others

Collect and ‘Tag’ evidence

Schedule recurring ‘Actions’

Use pre-set automated workflows

Monitor quality with auditing forms

Customise your automated workflows

Client Experience

Create digital assessments

Build person-centred care profiles

Upload documents to care profiles

Create E-signatures

Review assessments

Manage medication administration

View personalised assessment recommendations

Monitor outcomes

Visit Planning and Delivery

Work offline with our 
easy to use app

Personalise visit tasks

View and record tasks 
in the app

Record observations

Raise concerns instantly 
in the app

Create double-up visits

View and record medication administration

Create PRN protocols

Use digital body maps

Mark tasks as ‘Essential’

Schedule periods of inactivity

Check into visits with multiple clients

Use observation charts

Data and Reporting

Access prebuilt reports and insights


Add rates for travel and holiday

Create single, fixed, banded and service-specific rates

Customise waiting time and commuting rates

Apply uplifts to rates

Create pay runs for Care Professionals

Generate and share invoices

Choose from different invoice formats

Add National Minimum Wage top ups

View Holiday pay and accrual reports

Split invoices to accommodate multi-payer contracts

Set up advanced mileage rules for payroll

Manage ad-hoc expenses

Charge for recurring visit transactions (coming soon)


Create rota templates

Use drag and drop tools

View real time travel estimates

Download and print rotas

Schedule introductions, supervisions and shadowing

Confirm visits in bulk

Scale your rota with runs and groups

Get a full week’s view of visits

Auto-assign unallocated visits

Utilise skills matching tools

View team capacity and utilisation

Workforce Experience

Customise in-app banner messages

Create care team profiles

Store and manage onboarding documents

Store skills and training records

Identify performance trends in the ‘Carer Feed’

View and set team availability and absences

View team termination dates and reasons

Automatically remove visits after a termination date

View upcoming training expiry dates

Access timesheets in app

Message and send updates to Care Professionals

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