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Why Birdie is the choice for compliance and responsiveness

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Why choose Birdie?

  • Birdie has an uptime of 99.99% - making it one of the most reliable options on the market.
  • Don’t just meet, but exceed the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit standards, with ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Agencies respond to 26% more medication alerts within 72 hours*, after just one year with Birdie *

Act fast and evidence your responsiveness

Delayed alerts can result in safeguarding concerns, such as medication risks or falls. Birdie’s system means everyone in the team is empowered to act fast:

  • Real-time SMS and email alerts means care professionals can notify office teams of concerns immediately, with free-text boxes to add and share detailed context.
  • Inbox functionality allows you to act fast, diagnose the severity of the situation and stay on top of issues that need your attention.
  • Clear audit trails of every decision are then kept in Birdie - perfect for inspection time.

Minimise risks across medication management

Birdie has been developed to help you prioritise safety and responsiveness at every stage of medication management:

  • Integrates with the NHS medicines database, to reduce the risk of human error when scheduling medication tasks.
  • Interactive digital body maps ensure care professionals can administer medications accurately, with confidence.
  • Easy to read eMAR charts and medication schedules that you can edit in just a few clicks.

Empower your care teams during visits

Slow apps that skip detail can take valuable time away from delivering personalised and responsive care, but the Birdie app transforms this experience:

  • Built to work perfectly offline to provide care professionals with all the information they need to carry out visits, including care plans, PRN protocols, detailed task plans and digital body maps.
  • Geolocated check-in so you can also enjoy peace of mind that your team are exactly where they need to be.
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Partners who made the switch, love Birdie’s:

  • Clear and detailed eMAR charts, enabling you to quickly identify trends
  • Time stamps on every action in Birdie, providing a clear audit trail
  • Birdie’s inbox, giving a single place to track and respond to issues in real time

As a platform, they've really thought about the customer journey in the design of the workflow and user interface, as well as looking out for our regulatory obligations. As a company, they're super-responsive & their enthusiasm is infectious. Proper partnership, done right. We couldn't be happier.”




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Your stability checklist for care management software:

  • Can you evidence decision making?
    Without a clear audit trail, you risk not being able to demonstrate the steps you took to provide safe and responsive care.
  • Can you prioritise safety?
    Choose a software that enables you to react fast to concerns and make changes to care plans, tasks and medication schedules without delay.
  • Can your Care Professionals readily access crucial information?
    Ensure your care teams have all the information they need at hand during visits, whether they’re online or not.