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Care Coordinators

No more juggling multiple systems to plan rotas and schedule calls. Birdie brings everything together so you can surface the information you need with one click.

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Birdie engaged with more than 30 care agencies to co-create our rostering platform

78% of Birdie users save between 3-7 hours a week on rostering, billing and payroll

Have your team ready to hit the ground running

Make the most of your carers' day

[.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]Show carers that you value their time with no more doubling back or covering a wider area than necessary. [.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]
Birdie uses real-time travel estimates and staff availability to support logical scheduling, so carers can work through their call list calmly and efficiently. Less time on the roads means more time with care recipients, increasing job satisfaction and team morale.

Match carers to shifts based on preference and continuity of care.

[.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]All the information you need is at your fingertips. [.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]
Optimise rota planning and keep continuity front and centre without switching between systems and windows. See carer availability, absences and client preferences all in one place.

Cut scheduling time down with smart assistive suggestions

[.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]Intelligent technology and auto-suggestions.[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]
Take the headache out of scheduling and free up your time to focus on scaling and growing your team. Significantly reduce last-minute changes, with assigned groups for care staff and clients and call allocation suggestions that work.

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Customer Story

Find out why the care co-ordinator team at [.text_orange-dark]Alina Homecare love Birdie[.text_orange-dark]

I’ve definitely noticed a big positive change in the team, because we’re all able to have more time to focus on the other areas of the business, and those back burner projects that always got pushed back.

Harrison Fensome


Managing Director


Caring Forever

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Care Coordinators

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Travel time visuals

Drag and drop tool

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