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Care management
Medication Management (e-Mar)

Get it right with our innovative medication manager

Birdie’s best-in-class Medication Manager makes it simple to build and audit your client’s medication schedules and eMAR charts.

Create error-free schedules

Create and share accurate medication schedules and reduce errors.

Audit at the click of a button

Visual icons make it easy to scan your MAR chart and spot trends.

Give carers confidence

Ensure care staff know exactly what medication to administer - and how.

Medication Management (e-Mar)
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What partners love about Birdie’s Medication Manager

Our Medication Manager makes editing, updating, accessing and auditing easier than ever before.

Build custom schedules and update instantly

Select from a pre-populated list of medications to create accurate schedules - and make instant changes.

Create interactive, digital body maps

Our best-in-class body maps help visually and accurately support medication administration.

Monitor and audit eMAR charts

Get a complete record for every medication administered by who and when.

Christies Care

Charlotte Driver-Young

Christies Care

Our back office staff are benefiting from Birdie - and as a Director and Registered Manager I’m benefiting from Birdie.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our features.

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Why do I need an eMAR system?
How do I see whether medications have been taken or not?