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Introducing the New Birdie App: A care companion to simplify care professionals’ life.

Today, we are launching the new birdie app for care professionals. We’ve made it much easier and quicker to report on for any care professionals visiting clients.

We’ve simplified the birdie app for a better user experience

It’s a simple proposition: When care professionals are out visiting clients they have access to the right information at the right time to deliver quality care. After every visit, they complete a report in just a few taps and share it in real-time with everyone involved in the client’s care — care managers, other care staff… so that everyone knows what’s going on.

We’ve found that on average, care professionals using the birdie app spend 50% less time on admin (retrieving information, scribbling notes) than when paper is used. Time they can now dedicate to caring for their clients.

At Birdie, we believe that the digitisation of visit reports will be a game changer for care agencies, and will greatly improve the care that is provided. Furthermore, using birdie will build the confidence of care staff in reporting their day to day duties.

We believe that an app for care professionals needs to act as a constant care companion

It’s about :

⏰ enabling care professionals to spend more time caring for their clients

💪🏼 more confidence around the care that needs to be provided

🚨supporting care staff and care managers in resolving issues as they arise in real-time

Care professionals apps, when designed well, can do all of this.

“We know that real-time information sharing is a very important topic in the care industry recently. With the CQC praising the shift to digital care management, we see the new birdie app becoming the companion of care professionals when on the go visiting clients”

Beth, Birdie Care Support Manager

The problem today: Care professionals can’t access or share information in real-time during a care visit.

Because most agencies are still paper-based, accessing crucial information about the care that a client needs or is receiving is difficult. This is true for care professionals on the go, and for the staff in the office. In turn, this brings a fair number of problems. Incidents or observations are not shared instantly, subsequently disabling the ability to respond immediately. Care managers often do not know what their staff have done during a visit or if they have experienced any issues. This leads to a lack of transparency with regards to the quality of the care that is being provided to clients.

That’s where Birdie comes in.

A helpful monitoring of your care visits in real-time

With the Birdie app, care staff can check in, access their tasks plan and report their care visit in just a few taps.

Now, staff in the office understand more about the care that is being delivered at the client’s home in real-time. They can glean further insights into the client’s wellbeing and are alerted when something is not going exactly according to plan.


Care staff can easily check in and out of a visit. Office staff are in the known and can act accordingly if something arises.

Latest task plans

Care staff have access to the latest to-do list for each of their visits, retrievable directly on their phone. They can tick tasks off as they go, letting their care manager know what’s been done during their visit.

Visit reports shared in real-time

As soon as a report is submitted, it will be accessible in real-time on the client’s log. Office staff can see it on the birdie Agency Hub and other care professionals caring for this client will see it on their app.

Wellbeing monitoring

With the Birdie app, care staff are able to capture observations about the client’s wellbeing and share them when submitting their visit report.

Care managers get insights and visibility in their client’s wellbeing so they can pick up on signs of amelioration or deterioration and tailor care to the specific needs of each client.

Better options

In the new app, we’ve improved the wellbeing report and made it much easier for care staff to log their observations. The options available have been rethought based on our users' feedback. We’ve added options that are better tailored to different client’s situation or needs (i.e.: drinks quantity or toilet visits choices) making the data shared more valuable for the care agency to use.


If a concern is raised during a visit, Birdie will flag it to the care manager so actions can be taken promptly

Easily store client’s information

Because care visit notes and observations are directly reported on the app, information about the care provided is stored securely in the cloud and easily accessible for audit and CQC inspections. We keep client’s information in a secure cloud system and the information that travels to and from the app is highly encrypted to avoid security breaches.

Ease of use with a simple design

The new Birdie app has been designed and tested with care professionals. It is simple to use and very intuitive. We’ve simplified how to report a visit and introduced one clear action to take on each screen. We’ve also refined the use of icons throughout the app to make it super clear what information should be added.

The Birdie App will be a game changer for care agencies and their staff when delivering care at home. Our new app helps care professionals deliver more person-centred care through better real-time information sharing and precious time saving on admin tasks.

Max, Birdie CEO

Get started with Birdie, request a demo of the app right here and see how Birdie can benefit your business.