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Reducing risk and making audits easy: A case study on Prioritising People's Lives

November 22, 2019
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The reason we do what we do here at Birdie is to help you deliver the best care possible. Discover how the team at Prioritising People’s Lives are actively reducing risks and making auditing easy with Birdie.

Agency: Prioritising People’s Lives
Managing Director: Asfana
Registered Manager: Gavin
Location: Stockton On Tees, UK
Founded: 2018
Result: Mistakes are completely avoided

The challenge

Asfana has a lofty goal. To “develop the business and look into new technologies that help us grow but also be on top of our competition” and above all she’s striving for that ultimate accolade - an outstanding CQC rating. Before Birdie, her and her team were “going through stacks and stacks of paper”. MAR charts were causing confusion and a simple error, like when a carer forgets to add their initial to a MAR chart, could cause serious repercussions later down the line, especially when it comes to auditing.

“Safeguarding due to simple mistakes on a MAR chart are completely avoided now.”

The solution

Gavin and Asfana knew something had to change. Since implementing Birdie, they’ve managed to streamline their management process. They’re now “able to look at the information as and when it happens and update information instantly. ”Mistakes are “completely avoided now because [carers] have to go through the list on Birdie. And it flags up straight away if something has been missed off.”

“I feel overall our risks have been reduced, and less mistakes are made. It will have a positive impact on our CQC rating.”

The result

It’s not just the office staff feeling the benefit. Asfana commented: “As a carer I think it’s brilliant because it’s so easy to use. It’s just basically, check-in, tasks are listed and then the medication is all listed, details everything. It’s just really straightforward.”

When it comes to delivering the best care, Asfana said: “We aim to constantly improve. As time goes on and everybody gets the full grips of Birdie, I think, including all the staff, it will just only help us reach our outstanding.”

“Things are getting flagged up a lot quicker and things get dealt with in a better time frame.”

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