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July 13, 2019

Elite Care: achieving outstanding CQC with Birdie

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The reason we do what we do here at Birdie is to help you deliver the best care possible.

Elite Care is one of our partner agencies. Recently awarded a CQC rating of outstanding in responsiveness, Emma tells us how Birdie is helping to revolutionise care delivery at Elite Care.

Before Birdie, the agency was auditing infrequently, which meant that it was really hard for them to keep track of changes or problems — now, with Birdie, they audit almost automatically, every day, which means that when it comes to being responsive, they scored an Outstanding rating with the CQC.

Agency: Elite Care
Director of Care: Emma
Location: Wigan, UK
Founded: 2018
Time saved: 2.5 hours per week

The challenge

Since launching in 2018, Emma and her team have been on a mission to “break the mould” when it comes to the care they provide. Whether it’s looking after her staff or always being one step ahead when it comes to auditing, Emma knows that outstanding care is about being “on top of it all. Sometimes, as all care managers know, there aren’t enough hours in the day.”

“There aren’t enough hours in the day”

The solution

When it comes to providing quality care, quality people are key. By looking after those people, they will in turn look after your clients. For Emma, making sure that her staff are equipped to deal with the challenges that caring brings, means making sure that their risks are minimised. With Birdie, her staff have everything they need at their fingertips - and she knows what’s happening at all times with real-time alerts.

“Birdie just gives you that extra peace of mind”

The result

There’s no doubt that CQC ratings are important, and for Emma, it’s all about reaching outstanding. Thanks to Birdie, and the real-time alert system, Elite Care can audit the service they provide each and every day, almost automatically. Removing the painful process of monthly auditing means that Emma can catch any issues in real-time, deal with them instantly and keep her clients and her business safe. Plus, it’s all recorded in one place, meaning that she can keep track and stay in control - safe in the knowledge that nothing is going to go missing in a paper file somewhere. So, when it comes to CQC audits, it’s all there at your fingertips - a benefit which has secured Elite Care an outstanding rating in responsiveness. “Now, with Birdie, we audit every morning. We audit every time an alert comes through. It’s over and above.”

Average time saved with Birdie: 2.5 hours per carer per week

The story above outlines how Birdie can really make a difference to agencies just like yours.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do here at Birdie and how we can help you improve your agency, you can find everything you need to know, here.

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