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How to record cutaneous medications using Birdie’s eMAR and Bodymaps

August 12, 2020
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Phone screen with hand drawn hand showing body mapping tools from Birdie with medications and body part highlighted

You asked, we listened!

Digital body maps have landed at Birdie and we’re super excited to be able to offer this innovative new way to record cutaneous (relating to or affecting the skin) medications.

Our customers have been asking for interactive, digital body mapping tools, and we’re excited to announce that after working closely with our agency partners… they’re now live!

This feature is not an attachment to a .pdf or a link to an image like some other software solutions, but an interactive, real-time medical body map which allows you to add the most detailed of medications to a person’s MAR chart and update them whenever you need. 

Full screen showing where cream should be applied using Birdie's body mapping tools

Traditional paper body maps are used to record injuries and display where medication has been administered but the cost of using paper body maps can quickly add up, and can also be very time-consuming for care managers and care staff.

With the CQC and government leaders pushing for the care industry to use digital systems, our new body mapping feature means you can take this traditionally paper-based system digital - ensuring the information on clients' medication schedule is accurate, reducing any risk of error and giving caregivers more confidence when out in the field delivering care.

Benefits of digital body maps

  • Written instructions can sometimes be interpreted incorrectly, which means that there is a risk that medications could be administered to the incorrect place.
  • Body maps are traditionally stored at a client’s home. When these need to be reviewed/amended, it requires a physical journey to pick them up and replace them. By making them digital, care managers save on fuel and time costs.
  • Printing body maps also results in further costs, and these notes will also need to be stored (alongside other paper notes) for the seven year requirement - leading to storage costs. 

Live gif showing how to add a body map

How can caregivers access body maps with Birdie?

  • As a care manager, you’ll need to add the body map for your client within their medication schedule
  • Caregivers can then access any body maps you add during their visit
  • Here they can view all the medications they need to administer
  • If the medication has a body map attached to it, caregivers will have to view the body map before recording the dosage, which reduces risks and means you’ll be able to check that the cream or medication has been applied correctly - instantly. 

App screen showing how to access body maps from a care givers phone on Birdie

Want to try Birdie’s digital body maps for yourself? If you’re not already a Birdie customer, get in touch with the team today and they’ll walk you through it.

To find out more about how to get started with Birdie and the steps involved in going digital: click here. Worried about training your staff? Read more, here.


P.S. It’s a good idea to brush up on these five questions to your sales rep before signing the contract on your new eMAR system too. Bookmark the page and come back to it when you have your demo. You should also check out the best software systems for dom care, here, to make sure you're choosing the right system for your business.

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