January 9, 2024

Best domiciliary homecare software for 2024: how to choose

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In this article, you'll learn how to choose the best domiciliary homecare software for your business.

New year, new... homecare management software?

Okay, maybe that's not *quite* your resolution, but if you're thinking about ways to get organised, be more efficient, reduce risks and grow your business, getting on board with some software that's designed to do just that might be the key to a successful 2024.

If you’re already clued up about home care management software and the benefits, it can have for your business; you’re probably wondering, what’s the best domiciliary care software available? (If you need a refresher about what care management software is, you can click here to find out more.

In this blog, we'll walk you through the best ways to choose the right software for you. Not every homecare software is created equal, so it pays to do your research. And, this blog should only take you a few mins to read - so why not grab a cuppa and get ahead?

How to choose the best domiciliary homecare software

Of course, as homecare software providers ourselves, we’d love to tell you to skip the research stage and just choose Birdie. But, there are many things you should consider when deciding which homecare software system is best for your business, and just because one homecare app or solution works well for one agency, doesn’t mean it’ll work well for yours. 

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If you’re looking at domiciliary homecare software, think about the following questions before deciding which is best for your business. Once you have the answers to the questions below, you’ll be able to find a system that’s the best for you. Remember, this process should be about you and your business, so make sure you stay true to your goals and needs.

  • Where do you see your business in the future?
  • What is your biggest challenge? 
  • How receptive are your staff about using new technology? Do you need any help with training?
  • What’s your budget?

Where do you see your homecare business in the future?

You might not think you need to align your future plans with a software provider, but some software companies have long contracts that aren’t flexible if things change. If you have plans to grow, consider asking the homecare management providers how much they would charge if your agency, for example, doubled in size. Consider the care you offer now and whether that will change. Some care agencies don’t use eMAR, for instance, as they provide only companionship calls. But in the future, this might change, so they may want a provider that has an eMAR system too. 

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Birdie all-in-one home care management software

What is your biggest challenge?

When you run a homecare business, there can be many challenges. We know that fighting fires isn’t just a phrase to you; it’s your full-time job. Think about your most common problems; we often hear from our partners that medication errors, visibility over what happens during a care visit and month-end auditing are huge blockers when it comes to running their businesses efficiently. 

Everyone is different though, so make a list of your problems and make sure to map them against any provider you consider. 

Be aware; some providers may have solutions to integrate with others (like Birdie and CarePlanner, for example). So if you like the options presented by more than one provider, ask about integrations. You can see how integrations work by watching our on-demand webinar with our friends over at CarePlanner. Experts from both of our teams talk through the technical stuff, the benefits and the practical side of integrations.

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Once you’ve decided which areas are essential for your business, you can start comparing systems to find the best home care software for you. 

How receptive are your staff about using new technology? Do you need any help with training?

No one likes sudden change, especially if they don’t understand the benefits. Your care staff are no different, which is why, when you implement a new system, you’ll need to consider any additional support they’ll need - and where it’ll come from. 

Some home care software providers charge extra for training, so factor this in if you think you’ll need help. It’s also beneficial to ask how their training will be delivered. If you were hoping for a face to face session, things may have changed as a result of COVID-19, so ask about training programmes and tools that can help. 

Some companies will only be available to support you 9-5 too, which isn’t ideal if you have an emergency out-of-hours. Look for 24/7 support (like we offer at Birdie) to get total peace of mind. 

For more information about training your staff, click here to read our article, or view the Birdie on-boarding timeline to get an idea of training and implementation times, here.

I would just like to take the opportunity to say how impressed I was. We had a very rowdy group who were very resistant to the idea at first. You couldn’t see due to some cameras being switched off, but we had some purposefully looking at the wall or on their phones at the beginning. But you took each question and challenge in your stride, and by the end of the session I had comments from everyone saying how excited they are about Birdie!

- Eclipse Homecare

Watch our video below to see how some of our partners are saving money and becoming more efficient and saving money:

What’s your budget for a homecare software?

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The final thing to consider from you domiciliary home care software is your budget. Budget is undoubtedly a huge factor in your decision, but don’t let it be your only motivator. Sure, you should look for the best-priced software available, but don’t skimp on your problem-solving requirements that you set out earlier. 

You probably already have some kind of a budget in mind, but remember to factor in the savings you’ll make by going digital. With fewer fuel costs (collecting comms sheets), minimal printing and time saved on admin, you could potentially save £20,000 per year by making the switch to digital!

Before you plan your budget, take a look at how much you could save, using our interactive calculator, here.

Ready to explore the care management software systems for your domiciliary care business?

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Evaluating the Features of Domiciliary Homecare Software

Choosing the right domiciliary homecare software is a critical decision for streamlining operations and improving patient care within your business. 

The process begins by identifying software that offers robust client management capabilities, essential for maintaining detailed client profiles, including scheduling, care plans, and documentation. This functionality ensures that all patient needs and service delivery are meticulously tracked and managed.

A significant feature to consider is the software's scheduling and dispatch capability, which must effortlessly match caregivers with clients by considering various factors such as skills, location, and availability. 

Moreover, considering the remote nature of caregiving, the chosen software should provide mobile access through a strong mobile app or mobile-friendly interface. This allows caregivers to access necessary information, such as schedules and client details, anytime and anywhere, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of service delivery.

Another crucial aspect is the integration of billing and invoicing within the software, which simplifies the financial operations of the homecare business, reducing administrative burdens and minimising errors. 

Additionally, the software should include comprehensive reporting tools and compliance features to help monitor business performance and ensure adherence to healthcare regulations and standards.

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