March 3, 2020

Birdie and CarePlanner: working together to offer an all-in-one care management solution

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Did you know that Birdie and CarePlanner are fully integrated, which means you can use them together? 

Birdie and CarePlanner work so seamlessly that your care staff only need to use one app to manage their visits and record their notes. We’ve designed Birdie to be really easy to use and when you use Birdie alongside CarePlanner, it’s still just as easy. Your care staff will continue to use just one app, making recording visits, logging notes, medication and observations simple. 

What does integration mean?

Integration (in terms of software) means that two (or more) separate platforms can work together, supporting each other’s functions. This allows for a smooth, co-operative experience when using those functions alongside each other. 

How does integration work?

Integration works by two platforms sharing data. The data can be ‘pushed’ from one platform into the other, or ‘pulled’ by one platform into another. Birdie and CarePlanner work together by using both push and pull methods.

In practice, this means that everything you input into CarePlanner (like your client’s name, date of birth and scheduled visits) is visible in Birdie, and every visit that’s logged in Birdie will be confirmed in CarePlanner. 

The benefits of two-way integration

Two-way integration between Birdie and CarePlanner means that you don’t have to manually update both of your systems, or duplicate any work. 

When you create your roster in CarePlanner, it’ll be available in Birdie, with all of your client’s information.

When your care staff check-in to their scheduled visits through the Birdie app, instant verification is sent back to CarePlanner, so you can see that the visit has taken place. If the visit doesn't start on time or doesn't take place at all, you'll get a late visit alert after 15 minutes.

If you make changes to a roster or swap a shift, it'll be automatically be relayed in your carers Birdie app, so even if they’re out in the field, they’ll have access to the most up to date visit schedule without needing to log into CarePlanner. 

Getting started with Birdie and CarePlanner

If you’re already using one system the great news is that it’s even easier to get set up with the other. When you sign up with Birdie or CarePlanner we can import your client’s data from the software you are already using. This makes getting set up to use both systems simultaneously a brief and straightforward process.

With CarePlanner and Birdie working together, you’ll have the tools to manage your agency with efficiency and deliver your care with a personal touch, all tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Why not get a free demo of Birdie and CarePlanner to see how the two systems can work together?

Arrange a walkthrough of Birdie and CarePlanner with one of our experts here, or take a tour of CarePlanner here to see how it works. 

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