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How Birdie integrates with external rostering systems

December 17, 2019
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Rostering is an integral part of running a successful home care agency. If you already have a rostering system in place you’ll know the benefits of using a digital system - the next step is to integrate a care management software solution to help with the day-to-day care planning, delivery and performance of your agency.

Making the change to digital may seem like a big task, but the great news is that if you’re already using CarePlanner, Malinko or Cold Harbour you can seamlessly integrate your system with Birdie - which saves tons of time in getting set up. 

How does Birdie integrate with rostering systems?

When you join Birdie, we can take all the information about your care professionals and clients from your rostering provider (we’re currently working with CarePlanner, Malinko and Cold Harbour and pre-populate Birdie, so you don’t have to manually input it all.

How can you use Birdie and your rostering system together?

Using two different systems doesn’t provide a great experience for your carers. That’s why, with Birdie, you don’t have to. Your care staff will see their rota directly from the Birdie app when they log in - and they can see up to seven days in advance. Plus, if you make changes, their app will be updated instantly, so your care staff always know their visit schedules - even if there is a last-minute change. 

What happens when a care professional checks-in using Birdie?

When your care staff check-in to their scheduled visits, instant verification is sent back to your rostering software, so you can see that the visit has taken place. If the visit doesn't start on time, or doesn't take place at all, you'll get a late visit alert after 15 minutes if the visit hasn't started.

How to schedule visits in Birdie?

Currently, as a care manager, you’ll need to use both systems on a desktop computer. This means that you can continue to use your rostering software as usual, and then populate things like tasks, care plans, medication schedules and client information within Birdie. 

What if we don’t integrate with your rostering partner?

We use an open API which means we are open to integrating with any tools, we just need them to agree to integrate with us. If you use a different rostering provider than CarePlanner, Malinko and Cold Harbour but would like to integrate with Birdie - we can help you and see if that is feasible. When you arrange a demo with us just mention it to the Birdie sales exec, and we can look into what we could do when you join us.

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