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Finance Managers

Look forward to simple pay and invoice runs with a digital finance system that does exactly what you need it to.

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78% of Birdie users save between 3-7 hours a week on rostering, billing and payroll

Birdie engaged with more than 30 agencies to co-create our finance platform.

Have your team ready to hit the ground running

Invoice for all types of care all in one place

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]Simple invoicing for any kind of funding - Local Authority, private, or a combination of both. [.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]
Create invoice templates for client groups and quickly adapt an invoice if a care package changes or there are temporary add-ons.

Correct errors in seconds with our live invoice dashboard

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]No more hacking the system or finding workarounds to correct invoicing errors. [.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]
Access all invoices through the dashboard and change them quickly and easily with a click of the mouse.

Easily handle any complex pay or invoice set-ups

[.text_teal-dark][.text_bold]Manage different payment setups. [.text_bold][.text_teal-dark]
Including individual pay rates, enhanced pay, NMW top-ups, bank holiday pay rates and travel rates, with no fuss. Generate payments and payslips, process invoices and set up contracts from one dashboard.

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Customer Story

Christies Care and Birdie | [.text_orange-dark]How easy was it to onboard?[.text_orange-dark]

"In choosing birdie as our partner, we have been able to launch, implement and optimise all that the system brings whilst continuing to deliver quality services safely."

Helen Clark


Registered Manager


Reed Community Care

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Finance Managers

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Pay dashboard

NMW top-up

Pay rates

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