Welcome to The Executive Wing

Welcome to The Executive Wing

An exclusive network for leaders in home care

What is the Executive Wing?

This is the UK’s only network for senior leaders in large-scale homecare providers. This exclusive group meets to discuss the latest topics and challenges in the home care industry, in events both online and offline.

What are benefits of joining?

In joining the Executive Wing, you’ll receive at least one event invitation every quarter. These will usually take the form of our ‘home from home’ series, where we’ll be meeting in some of the most historic and atmospheric houses in the country, from Charles Dickens’ house to perhaps even a palace or two.

Each event will take the form of a roundtable discussion over dinner or lunch, focusing on a specific subject and led by an expert speaker. Example subjects include:

• The use of data in driving care outcomes

• The future of the care sector under a new government

• Women in care leadership

• Finance leaders in homecare

These events are the place to meet your peers in other leading homecare businesses and engage with expert speakers who’ll lead you through conversations that spark ideas and solve challenges - all in unique spaces.

In addition, on joining you’ll also receive an exclusive welcome package which includes unique Executive Wing merchandise.

Does it cost anything?

Membership of the Executive Wing and attending its events is free.

Who can join?

Membership of the Executive Wing is usually on an invite-only basis, but we welcome applications from individuals where the following criteria apply:

• Director, Vice President/President or C-level seniority

• At a business delivering homecare to 300 or more recipients

How do I apply?

Please fill in the form to submit an application, entering your invitation code if you have one in order to guarantee your application’s success

For more information, please contact marketing@birdie.care