Keep everyone 
in the know

Birdie’s connecting tools make it easier than ever to give loved ones and health professionals the real-time care updates they need.

Intro to Connecting

We know care is a team effort. That's why we looked for ways to improve the way you share information with the rest of your extended care circle. From keeping family members in the loop to coordinating care with a local GP, we've got the tools to connect with everyone that needs to be in the know.

Family App

Here for when they can’t be

Give families peace of mind

Families often have a huge part to play. From physical wellbeing and daily mood to medications and food intake, now they’ll know what’s going on, exactly as it’s happening.

Say goodbye to handover emails
Birdie's made it easy to share insights with those who matter most. With a few clicks, you can give transparent, live updates, so they know exactly what care has been delivered to their loved one.

Yes, it’s free!

We know the toll that worrying can take. That's why we've made the Family App free to any relative - so they can have live updates and sleep easily, knowing their loved ones are getting the right care.

Give relatives read-only
access to care notes

Provide an overview of a client’s health and wellbeing over time

Visibility into medication records from each visit

See a full access log of loved ones

I'm so glad we've got Birdie and we absolutely love seeing it grow. Every time I talk to anybody - whether that's a social worker or a family member - they think it's just great, and it keeps getting better and better”

Sunnylives Care
Third Party Access

Build your extended care team

Care coordination made easy
Seamlessly share your client’s digital care logs with other health professionals, council staff and district nurses, so they can carry out their care duties.

Keep your client at the core

With Birdie, it's easy to involve your client in their care. By looping them into the coordination and delivery of their care, you can continue to keep things person-centered.

Show the difference you’re making
Provide an accurate, up-to-date picture of a client’s health -  for whoever’s asking, whenever they need to know.

Generate randomised, client-specific sharing codes

Share care logs with approved health professionals

Receive instant alerts when a care log is viewed

Give client's access to own care notes via magic link

Revoke access anytime by generating a new code

Full audit trail of who’s accessed the care notes

Let us show you how Birdie can help

You're the expert. You deserve home healthcare technology that motivates your team and helps you grow.

People & Operations

Operate efficiently: From building rotas, billing your clients to onboarding your care staff and managing their pay, we've got all your business operation needs covered.

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Care Management

Deliver Personalised Care: From creating digital assessments and medication schedules to enabling care staff to deliver care visits, you can cater to all aspects of care, and gain real time visibility.

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Keep everyone in the loop: From keeping family members in the know to coordinating care with local GPs, we've got the tools to connect everyone.

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