Your complete birdie change management guide

We know your team may have questions about the upcoming switch to birdie. To support you in addressing these as they come up, and to ensure your team feel confident in what’s to come, birdie’s pulled together a helpful change management guide.
Read on to learn where and how to get started…

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What's included in birdie's change management guide:

Internal email templates to communicate with your teams.

External email templates to communicate with care recipients and their families.

Overview pdfs to educate and build excitement about birdie.

FAQ cheat-sheet to address commonly asked questions.

Change management checklist, outlining key steps to take and what materials to use - and when.

Implementation checklist, a handy checklist complete with how-to guides, for total ease of onboarding.

Where do I start?

Wondering where to start with all of this?! See the suggested change management path below, aligned with our implementation checklist.


Review and assign actions to your birdie implementation checklist


Introduce your office teams to birdie


Send the birdie academy to your teams


Add your clients to birdie


Introduce birdie to your care professionals



Review your birdie Change Management Guide.


Communicate and define the ‘why’ of the switch to birdie – and agree on measures of success with senior leadership.


Identify change ‘champions’ who will advocate and build credibility amongst peers.

Introduce your change ‘champions’ to birdie and send them welcome materials.


Communicate the switch to birdie directly to your wider teams – and address any concerns immediately

Send welcome emails and materials to:  
- Care management
- People manager
- Care coordinator
- Finance team
- IT department


Resources to communicate birdie to internal teams

We want each and every member of your team to feel excited about what’s to come with birdie and how it will add value to their day-to-day. We’ve created materials for each of your teams - from finance managers to care coordinators and care professionals. Each PDF includes an overview of who and what is birdie, what value it will unlock for them, case studies and a snapshot of key features they’ll leverage. We've also included helpful email templates.

Resources to communicate to care recipients and their families

It's important care recipients are made aware of your new technology partner and how birdie will support you to deliver their care. We’ve created materials to introduce birdie to those under your service, including a PDF and email template. We've created the same for their loved ones, as we know they often have a huge part to play.

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