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What's new at Birdie: January 2024

January 29, 2024
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We hope your 2024 has got off to a flying start! Here at Birdie HQ we’ve hit the ground running and the team are working hard to bring to you some very big and very exciting updates over the coming weeks. Read on to see what we’re hatching…

Changes to applying uplifts to rate cards in the past

We’ve made some changes to how you can make manual adjustments and uplifts to invoice and pay rate cards. In order to improve performance across your Agency Hub and improve your ability to accurately audit the changes made by your agency, we’ve capped how far in the past you can apply a rate card. You can now apply these adjustments or uplifts to a maximum of 60 days in the past.

Apply your changes up to 60 days in the past to maintain a clear audit history.

For more information on editing or applying uplifts to invoice rate cards click here. For information on how to do this for pay rate cards click here.

Add a payment method and reference number to a payer

You can now add payment method information to a Payer within Birdie, including a direct debit reference number! This can be done when adding a new payer or editing an existing payer’s information. You’ll see the option to add whether a payer’s payment method is Direct Debit, Manual or None. For more information on adding or editing a payer, click here.

You can add a payment method and reference number when adding or editing a payer

You can also filter both your payers and your invoices by payment method and view payment methods and direct debit reference numbers on the Invoices tab in Birdie.

This information will not be visible when you export an invoice as a PDF file to send to your payers, but payment method and reference number will be visible when exporting an invoice as a CSV file. For more information on exporting invoices, click here.

View detailed timesheet breakdowns in Birdie!

We’re giving our timesheets a makeover and making them more accessible to Care Professionals within the Birdie app, while giving your agency the freedom to choose what you want to display to your care team, based on how you pay them.

Choose what your care teams can see within their timesheet

Care Professionals will be able to click on a particular day or select a date range and see a clearer breakdown of their visits and, depending on your chosen settings, their total confirmed time, mileage and travel time within the app. The app will only display visits confirmed by their care manager.

The team are hard at work to bring these features to you and we look forward to sharing more details once these are available. As always, please check out our public roadmap for more information on what we're working on. 👋

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