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September 22, 2023

What makes Walfinch one of the most popular choices for homecare franchisees?

About Walfinch

Walfinch is a fast growing national homecare brand, with over 600 amazing Care Professionals caring for people across the UK. With a growing number of franchisees setting up across the country, Walfinch have been able to combine the highest standards of care delivery with a smooth business operation that sets each Walfinch branch - and those they care for - up for success.

The Challenge

As they operate a franchise model, Walfinch's head office need to make sure all their different branches are able to maintain Walfinch's high standards across the board - without constricting how individual franchisees want to run their businesses in a way that works best for them. This is no mean feat! It requires excellent visibility across all the branches from a top level so that the head office can support franchisees when they need it, without stepping on their toes day-to-day.

The Solution

Walfinch's head office team dedicated time to hiring the best people, putting in place a strong culture of support and creating secure systems that allowed their franchisees to easily onboard and start seeing success in their businesses quickly. Through listening to each individual branch and adapting their systems accordingly, the Walfinch brand has become a smart way for many looking to enter into the amazing world of domiciliary care provision.

The head office team unanimously agreed that all of this brilliant work must be supported by a care business technology partner that helps all of their franchisees to fly rather than holds them back - and this is where, after a lot of reasearch, Birdie became part of Walfinch's go to digital toolkit.

"For me, Walfinch is the brand to grow my business and drive my business. I didn't come from a business background, I came from a caring background - so for me the support on the business side of things has been really important."

Tiffany Meachim, Managing Director of Walfinch Mansfield

How they did it

As Birdie technology gets into the hands of more Walfinch branches, franchisees such as Tiffany Meachim, Managing Director of Walfinch Mansfield, have been very happy for it's arrival.

"When we first started our branch we were with a different platform", says Tiffany. "We found it wasn't able to keep up with us. We trialled Birdie and it was like going into a different era! It was absolutely brilliant."

The team at Birdie are also very happy to hear this feedback, and to support more Walfinch franchisees as they keep their ambitions (and their standards) high!

"Our branch is growing quickly and the care hours are going up rapidly. Birdie has been brilliant for that growth, and we've found it really, really easy to grow quickly with it."

Tiffany Meachim, Managing Director of Walfinch Mansfield

Walfinch supports franchisees to achieve operational excellence

A culture of empathy and support, best businesses practices as standard and good quality software is proving to be a great combination for the success of the whole Walfinch group.

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