November 28, 2023

What's new at Birdie: November 2023

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Weather getting you down? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of exciting new features that are guaranteed to make life easier, day-to-day tasks faster and generally put a smile on your face. Read on for more information about the winter warmers available to you in Birdie.

Send messages to Care Professionals!

You can now communicate and coordinate with your Care Professionals while they’re on the go while reviewing and auditing all previous messages in one accessible place! Our brand new Message Centre is one of our most highly requested tools and allows you to save time by contacting one, many or all of your Care Professionals in a matter of seconds.

Choose your message type and your recipients before drafting your update

Care Professionals will receive updates in real-time, straight to their phones and can view the full message within the Birdie app to ensure important or time sensitive updates about visits, clients and rota changes are never missed.

The dedicated 'History' tab within the Message Centre also means you can view whether messages have been read for ultimate peace of mind and quickly surface all previous messages ahead of inspections. To learn more about our Message Centre click here or for detailed instructions on getting started, click here.

Audit messages and demonstrate your responsiveness when it comes to inspections.

Please note: this feature is available to partners leveraging our Advanced and Plus plans.

Customise which documents you share in the Birdie app

We understand that you may want to add all relevant documents relating to an individual's care to their Care Plan, but do not want all of them shared with Care Professionals in the Birdie app.

We're offering more flexibility in the form of a 'toggle' function in the Documents section of the Care Plan, that allows you to choose whether an individual document is displayed to Care Professionals in the app. Newly uploaded documents will always be 'Off' unless you choose otherwise.

Move the toggle to choose whether documents are displayed to care teams

If your current agency settings hide all documents from Care Professionals, all existing documents will have the toggle ‘Off’ unless you now choose to make them visible and if your agency settings currently share all documents you can now choose which ones you’d like to hide. For more information on uploading documents to Care Plans, click here.

Please note: this feature is specific to whether Care Professionals can view documents. Admin users can see all documents in eligible formats in the Birdie app.

Updates to mobile passcode timeouts

We hear regularly from Care Professionals that repeatedly entering their passcode after periods of inactivity takes up valuable time during visits. As a result, we’ve extended our recommended default timeout of 30 minutes of inactivity before the passcode is required again to all agencies that had a timeout set to under 2 minutes of inactivity. If your agencies already had a timeout over 2 minutes, don’t worry - your Care Professionals won’t have experienced any change.

Care Professionals with a passcode timeout of 30 minutes or over have to enter their passcode on average 86 times less every single week than those that do not- which means more time with the people they care for!

If however, you would like to set a different time to the default of 30 minutes, you can do so by clicking into Carer App settings in the birdie Agency Hub and scrolling down to ‘Auto-lock app duration’. Here you can choose the number of hours and minutes of inactivity before the app auto-locks and click ‘save’.

View expense breakdowns on invoices

You'll now be able to view a clear breakdown of expenses when viewing invoices within the Finance Dashboard! These are not currentlyvisible on the invoice PDF when it has been generated and ready to be shared with your clients.

Please note: this feature is available to partners using our Core, Advanced and Plus.

Updates to the missing travel estimates warning

We've made some changes to the warning viewable in the Pay Dashboard that notifies you of how many visits are currently missing travel estimates before they run payroll.

Based on yourfeedback, the warning will no longer highlight visits where travel estimates are expected to be null due to a cancellation or a travel rate card, so you’ll hopefully see fewer visits requiring your attention!

Add subscriptions to invoices

We’re introducing a way to add a fixed recurring fee in the form of a subscription, which will appear on an invoice - ideal for charging charging clients for ongoing fees not linked to visits, such as a postage fee or a monthly charge for a monitoring system.

You’ll be able to charge for subscriptions regardless of whether a client has scheduled visits during that time period and you’ll also save time when invoicing as you no longer have to add these fees manually to each invoice! Stay tuned for more information!

Create enhanced rates with date groups

We want to give you more flexibility over how you set different holiday rates for different days of the year. In addition to using a multiplier or creating a single ‘holiday’ rate directly on a rate card, you’ll soon be able to set enhanced rates for the specific bank holidays you need. For example, you’d be able to choose to charge or pay a different rate on Christmas Eve from 6pm to 9pm!

The team are hard at work to bring these features to you and we look forward to sharing more details once these are available. As always, please check out our public roadmap for more information on what we're working on. 👋

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