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November 21, 2019

Saving time and money with Birdie: Talking efficiency with Enthuse Care

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The reason we do what we do here at Birdie is to help you deliver the best care possible. A huge part of that is in saving time and money for Care Managers, helping them to care more efficiently. Anita, the Care Manager at Enthuse Care, tells us about how using Birdie means her agency saves time and money.

Agency: Enthuse Care
Director of Care: Anita
Location: Bournemouth, UK
Founded: 2018
Result: Carers spend 50% less time on reporting

The challenge

Anita knows all too well how much time is wasted on paper-based auditing - especially when your agency is growing. “As soon as you start [getting] bigger, it can become a problem because paperwork is coming into the office only once a month. If you start finding problems in the paperwork, that haven’t been reported back to the office, you [have to] start investigating back in time”

“We’d spend hours and hours and hours and hours checking everything.”

The solution

For many care managers like Anita, time is money. “[With Birdie] I can see straight away what has happened today. That saves a huge, huge amount of time. Saving time and money - that comes hand in hand.” Saving more time also means delivering safer care; “With a really responsive system behind us, Birdie, it just gives us the information straight away and then we can act upon [it] quickly.”

“Birdie makes it possible for us to achieve a lot more tasks, within the same time frame.”

The result

On average, Enthuse Care believes that when using Birdie, their care workers spend 50% less time on completing their reports compared to when they used paper notes.

It’s not just Anita that’s feeling the benefit though. The carers are empowered to spend more time with their clients, providing a more personal service. As Anita explained, “It’s just tick, tick, tick, tick, write down their notes - and it does save time for them. If you can be more efficient in the amount of time, then you can do more jobs, then you are saving money.” It also gives the carers the peace of mind that they’re doing everything correctly and “It just gives you the comfort to know that, yes, everything is fine. I don’t have to fear - everything is smooth, everything is going all right - and I can just stay in the background, nicely.”

“So Birdie, of course, it does, save a lot of money because it cuts down the time on auditing, and checking of carers.”

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