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Partner Education Week Three

June 6, 2023
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Product training on Birdie: Week 3 of 7

I’m Jack Burge, and I am a Product Training Specialist at Birdie and it’s now time for step 3 of your educational journey! This week’s educational drive will focus on Birdie analytics.

Don’t have access to Birdie analytics and curious about what it has to offer? Get in touch here >>

Birdie analytics has been designed to provide you with a clear and detailed understanding of your performance, so that you can fully understand and visualise what you need to do to continue delivering the most effective care.

From care delivery and quality to scheduling insights and financial reporting, Birdie analytics is here to provide a bird’s eye view of many aspects of your business!

By giving you this much-needed visibility, Birdie analytics helps you make the right decisions for your agency. It’ll do the heavy lifting for you, compiling the information you and your care staff capture daily into easy-to-understand graphs and reporting. So you can easily track and improve performance and understand business blind spots.

Here is a clear breakdown of each Birdie analytics report >>

Plus did you know that Birdie analytics can help you achieve an Outstanding CQC rating!

Yes, we have created a personalised score, called the Q Score.

This is based on the information that you input into Birdie, and is designed to give you an idea of how you are performing against key categories, and help you identify areas for improvement.

There are five categories that make up your Q-Score - three relating to care delivery and two relating to care management. They are:

  1. Call Monitoring
  2. Medication Monitoring
  3. Caring Staff
  4. Care Planning
  5. Alert Responsiveness

To learn more about how the Q-Score can help you with your CQC inspections please enroll in our new and improved birdie academy course designed to help make you a Birdie analytics expert!

Check out the Office Management Course here >>

Now that you have all the information you need to become a Birdie analytics expert… I’ve got some exciting news!

I will be running a webinar covering Birdie analytics and how to get the most out of it in just a few weeks. Called “Maximising Care Business Monitoring with Birdie: Unleash the Power of Analytics and Client Feed!” this webinar will take place on the 6th July at 2PM.

This webinar will give me a chance to both demonstrate how Birdie analytics and the client feed can be best used, and answer any questions you have 🙂

If you’d like to join me please register below:

Sign up for the webinar >>

Next week we’ll be discussing how to understand trends and gather evidence using the Client Feed!

Speak next week,


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