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How to plan extraordinary care with Birdie

April 15, 2021
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Delivering extraordinary care starts with planning

You’re only able to deliver great care if you’ve planned great care. 

Ensuring your clients’ needs and goals are factored into day-to-day planning allows you to provide person-centred care, not just benefiting your clients’ wellbeing, but also enabling you to reach that Outstanding CQC rating. At Birdie, we believe in delivering extraordinary care, which is why our tools are designed to keep your client at the heart of every part of the care journey.

The most important first step of good care planning is having a really comprehensive onboarding session with a person. Take the time to understand their needs and objectives for living a more vibrant life. 

Asking the right questions

One of Birdie’s latest features, About Me, allows you to get to the heart of what matters to your client. You can find out their life history, gender identity, likes, dislikes and take their photo. Using a mix of free-text and structured questions, we give you the tools to find out more about the older adult you’re meeting and use this information to build a picture of how best to deliver their care. If you’d like to find out more about how to ask personal questions, check out this blog or learn about effective conversation methods, here.

Birdie's about me feature on screen in illustrated hands

Assessing your clients’ needs is central to onboarding, building the care plans and completing risk assessments. The care assessment process is often paper-based, meaning care plans can take a long time to create and are not easily updated. The Birdie digital care planning tool speeds up the process of documenting assessment and makes it easy to update to respond to the changing needs of your clients. 

Staying compliant

Birdie’s digital care plans have been designed with the help of our in-house medical doctor and GP to ensure they’re the gold standard assessments in care. We make sure to reference CQC, NICE and other guidance to keep them compliant. The assessments are built to capture the information to allow you to create care plans that are suited to your clients’ needs. As your clients’ needs change, reduce the time and cost associated with a static care plan process by simply updating the information digitally. The questions are also designed in the same format across each area, so you can familiarise yourself with the process very quickly. This means you can quickly update a client’s plan as we continue to introduce new assessments.

Birdies assessments on the Birdie Agency Hub

Onboarding a client

Make your client onboarding a breeze by adding them straight into the Birdie system. You can assess the quality of care offered in relation to a client's plan and take proactive action if necessary. Being involved in the full cycle of care means you can assess how effectively care is administered according to a person’s outcomes, goals, and needs.

Sharing information

One of the big benefits of digital care plans is how easy they are to share with the key members of a client’s care team. From third parties like paramedics or district nurses to family members. The Birdie Care Circle app allows members of the family to check in on their loved one at any time, and the Third Party Access tool ensures safe, audited access is available when needed most. All our assessments have been made printer friendly, so should you need to keep a copy in a clients house, we’ve designed professional looking versions - and you can even add your agency logo!

Starting a new personal care assessment on Birdie App
Starting a new personal care assessment

Logging evidence

We know how important it is that you can evidence any changes to care, so Birdie has been built with audit trails across the system, and the assessments are no different. From a clients profile, assessments are time and date stamped, and any updates to a plan are logged indefinitely. This means that when the CQC wants to see evidence of your audit process, it’s all there, without needing to pull lengthy documents or spreadsheets out of the archives. Not only does this show you’re well-led because the information is readily available, but it also shows how responsive you are to ever-changing client needs and how you’re mitigating risks of unnecessary deterioration. 

Adding additional assessments to a client’s profile on the Birdie Agency Hub
Adding additional assessments to a client’s profile

Uploading documents

We know that many of our partners come into using Birdie with a lot of existing templates and documents for providing care. To support the assessments that we do not currently have on the Birdie system, you’re able to upload any of these documents straight into a clients profile and make them accessible to a carer on a visit. We have gone through a comprehensive process to decide which assessments should be prioritised and do believe our format is the perfect way to stay safe and effective. However, we do respect our clients have more information they need to share, and we totally support this. Our team also regularly updates and reviews the assessments, so they’re continually being expanded. 

I client's personal profile on the Birdie App

Access from anywhere

The final step in delivering the best quality digital care plans is speed and accessibility. Using Birdie means once you’ve completed a client’s person-centred care plan, it’s instantly available to your whole team in the agency hub and carer app. Not only that, any changes or updates you might add afterwards are also instantly shared, which means accurate care can start right away, with no delays. 

Quickly onboard a client using all of these tools and provide quality care from day one. Don’t let auditing, reviews, updates and assessments get in the way of delivering extraordinary care. Allow Birdie to be the digital companion your team needs to be safe, effective, responsive and well-led. 

If you believe in extraordinary care delivery, like we do, book a Care Consultation with Birdie today.

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