April 28, 2020

Birdie partners with NHSX for Techforce19

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We’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve been chosen to partner with NHSX to roll out a care worker app, fully integrated with the NHS111 online symptom checker, to help care providers during COVID-19. With over 1,600 applications to Techforce19, Birdie is one of just 18 startups chosen. 

“The TechForce19 challenge has harnessed some of the incredible talent we have in our tech sector to help the most vulnerable. Many of the problems created by isolation lend themselves to digital solutions, and we hope this process will help people take advantage of the potential that digital technology offers.”

Iain O’Neil, NHSX Digital Transformation Director

Discover more about what this means here

About NHSX

NHSX is leading the largest digital health and social care transformation programme in the world. With investment of more than £1 billion pounds a year nationally and a significant additional spend locally, NHSX has been created to give staff and citizens the technology they need.


PUBLIC gives technology startups the networks, support, insights and capital to solve public problems and improve the lives of citizens. The team - led by Daniel Korski, ex-deputy head of the No.10 policy unit and venture investor, Alexander de Carvalho - combines expertise in government, technology and finance into a range of programmes like the GovStart programme, a pan-european GovTech accelerator.

Through GovStart, its market-leading insight, well-known events and the technology solutions it builds in-house, PUBLIC has rapidly earned a reputation as a GovTech pioneer and an expert in the role of startups in transforming Europe’s public sector. Its headline event: the annual GovTech Summit, brings together thousands of governments, startups, and investors from across Europe in an effort to break down the barriers that prevent great tech ideas from changing people’s lives.

About the AHSN Network

The AHSN Network comprises 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) across England, established by NHS England in 2013 to spread innovation at pace and scale. We support our health and care partners to deliver improvements that:

  • Lead to better patient outcomes;
  • Drive down the cost of care, and;
  • Stimulate economic growth.

As the only organisations that connect NHS and academia, local authorities, the third sector, industry and citizens, AHSNs are catalysts working to create the conditions needed to facilitate change across whole health and social care economies, with a clear focus on improving outcomes for patients.

AHSNs work collaboratively, identifying and supporting the successful development of innovations in our local regional healthcare communities and helping to spread these across our national Network.

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