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Birdie is on the Assured Supplier List for Digital Social Care Records

February 14, 2023
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Hey team Birdie! It’s Raj here.

Birdie is on the NHS England Assured Supplier List for Digital Social Care Records (DSCR). It feels amazing to be able to write these words. Here’s why;

Helping homecare businesses take flight

Making the switch to new technology can be daunting, but it’s part of our job at Birdie to make it as smooth as possible. Our easy-to-use tools, smart software and intuitive technology have already helped over 800+ care businesses go digital, delivering close to 3 million hours of care every single month. Our homecare partners have the ability to really personalise care, respond to alerts faster, meet regulatory targets and grow sustainably. With assured supplier status, we are able to help even more domiciliary care businesses get set up with digital tools that can help them not just manage their business - but to really take flight!

A chance to listen, learn and build

As Birdie’s CPO, you’ll know I’m pretty obsessed with the technology we’re creating together. Birdie’s digital toolkit is purpose built for homecare - that means that every step of the way we listen to our partners, industry experts and healthcare professionals to make sure we’re making technology that makes their day-to-day easier. No mis-matched software, clunky spreadsheets or random features; it’s all about simplicity, ease-of-use and personalised home healthcare technology. With the chance to work alongside even more amazing domiciliary care businesses, and to get their feedback, we’ll be able to continue to create and nurture our software so it helps our partners succeed.


Going back to the why

The Birdie mission is to reinvent care through technology and enable older adults to thrive at home. This ability to flourish, at home, at any age, surrounded by the people and things you love - this is the core reason we’re so driven to do what we do at Birdie. With the opportunity to reach more amazing care providers, we’re ultimately getting more chances to enable those at the heart of our mission to receive more person-centred, outcome driven, preventative healthcare at home. Yes, we’re a technology company; but boy, what an amazing opportunity we have to do something that really matters.

That’s all from me. I’m sure you may have some more questions about the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ of all this, so find some answers below.

Thanks everyone - what a cool day to be a birdee!


Birdie CPO & Cofounder

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