February 6, 2023

Assured suppliers for the NHS Digitising Social Care fund

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Have you heard about the Digitising Social Care fund? This is £25 million pot set aside by the UK Government to support the digitisation of social care for NHS England. For more information on what the fund is, and how to access it, check out this article!

One of the key factors related to receiving the fund is that your care business adopts and makes full use of one of the Assured Suppliers for Digital Social Care Records (DSCR).

What are Digital Social Care Records (DSCR)?

Around 30% of care businesses in the UK still use paper records for their care planning, rostering, finance and more. This means they can struggle when it comes to achieving a Good or Outstanding CQC rating, because it’s so much harder to manage and share the right evidence - and to use the information they do have to improve their business.

This is where a Digital Social Care Record (DSCR) comes in - a DSCR is software that replaces all traditional paper records, and powers up the homecare business to record, manage and deliver outstanding care much easier, faster and more effectively than before.

The best DSCRs are always person-centred, and capture and share key information about the people being cared for with the business and care professional attending to them. They help care managers manage all aspects of care delivery, including task management, compliance, medication management and much more.

Who are the Assured Suppliers for NHS Digitising Social Care fund?

The full list of Assured Suppliers for the Digital Social Care NHS movement can be found on their website here. The list includes Birdie, as well as a number of other software providers. In order to become an Assured Supplier, each software provider has had to prove they are able to meet the very high standards set by Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and the NHS Transformation Directorate.

The reason why Digital Social Care have chosen to include a number of different suppliers on their list is so every care provider can find the right one that works for their business - for example, a care home may require one set of digital tools - whereas a homecare or domiciliary care business will require something specific to their needs.

Is Birdie a Digital Social Care Record (DSCR)?

Birdie is a Digital Social Care Record (DSCR). Birdie provides a unique single platform solution used by care businesses of all sizes, with care management, rostering, financing and analytics tools - alongside a host of practical resources and support for the care industry.

Is Birdie an assured supplier for the NHS Digitising Social Care fund?

Yes! Birdie is an Assured Supplier for the NHS and Digital Social Care. This means that Birdie software has met the strict standards required to support domiciliary care businesses manage and deliver outstanding care.

We’ll be compiling more information about the Digitising Social Care fund, how to access it and what the money will be used for as more information comes out.

For now, if you want to speak to Birdie about getting a head-start on managing your business through digital tools, then set up a free demo using the link below. We think you’ll love it - however there’s no obligation to buy, no sales pitch and no commitment.

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