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Care management


Needs and risk assessments

Provide care that clients love

Our assessments have been co-designed with agencies just like yours, so you can provide care that clients love.

Provide person-centred care easily

We make it easy to record client preferences, goals and areas of risk.

Handpick additional assessments

Choose additional assessments based on your clients’ unique needs.

Centralise your care records

Access and manage everything from one platform.

What partners love about Birdie’s

Needs and risk assessments

Our suite of comprehensive, clinically-validated assessments are here to keep your clients' care as unique as they are.

Access over 20 digital assessments

Including Personal Care, Nutrition and Hydration, Environment, Waterlow, COSSH and more...

Review and update directly in Birdie

Our built-in process makes it easy to review and update assessments - and deliver responsive care.

Easily upload documents to your client's profile

Like an important GP note or medical form, so all the context you need is in one place.

Alina Homecare
James Deeley

It’s proof that co-production in a very collaborative way works, and creates something that’s very fit for purpose for the people that really count - our care recipients.

Frequently asked questions

What are Birdie’s Needs and Risk Assessments?

Birdie’s assessments allow you to have a better understanding of your client’s physical, mental and emotional needs. Birdie has over 20 digital assessments to meet your care recipients' unique needs as well as to make sure that your team deliver the best care possible.

What kind of assessments does Birdie have?

From Personal Care, Social Support and Everyday Activities to Moving and Handling and COSHH, our assessments use industry-leading standards and are co-designed with agencies just like yours.

What are Birdie's Assessment Recommendations?

Birdie makes recommendations for additional assessments based on the initial assessment data and profile of your care recipients. These recommendations support you to carry out comprehensive and person-centred assessments.

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