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September 8, 2022

F‍ind out how Caring Forever made medication management simple

About Caring Forever

Caring Forever is a family owned domiciliary care business, based in Beccles Suffolk, that delivers tailored care and support to the local community. The team received public recognition for their excellent services in 2019, achieving a top position on the ‘Top 20 care providers in the East of England' on Homecare.co.uk, the leading UK Home Care review website.

The challenge

Following a disappointing result at their CQC evaluation last year, it became clear that the care management software the team had been using was no longer servicing their needs properly. With ambitions to grow (and to pick up expansion plans set aside during COVID), the team at Caring Forever were frustrated at the amount of additional work their care platform was causing them - and the negative impact of that workload on their CQC rating. In particular the medication management solution their previous provider had offered was causing concerns - not just for the team themselves, but for the CQC. 

The solution

The first thing Caring Forever needed was a technology partner that proactively reduced their workload and gave them back time. 

Beyond that, there needed to be an emphasis on use-ability. With so many different people using the system across the business (some more confident with technology than others) it was essential that the new technology provider was easy-to-use and didn’t require hours of training and support.

Finally, the pièce de résistance - the medication management part of the platform must deliver on accuracy, auditing and accessibility. In order to boost their CQC rating, Caring Forever wanted to demonstrate a marked improvement in all processes around medication management. 

Useability was the big thing we saw straight away with Birdie, especially with the app. Compared to where we came from, it was immediately understandable, easy to see, structured in the way the app was put together.

Harrison Fensome, Managing Director at Caring Forever

Here’s how they did it

Led by Managing Director Harrison Fensome, the team at Caring Forever decided to book a free demo on Birdie. Immediately they noticed a difference in how simple the technology was compared to their previous provider.

Feeling reassured around the usability, and impressed with many of the features Birdie had to offer, the team went live with Birdie as their new technology partner. Since implementing the platform, they have noticed key improvements around not just time saved and audits delivered, but also around team moral. 

“One of my colleagues has dyslexia, and she is able to use the system so much easier than the previous system. Before, she was constantly calling me over and saying ‘Where do I find this, dammit I’ve made this error’...Birdie has given that person so much more confidence in their role because they feel they have a system that works with them and doesn’t work against them. I’ve seen a big, big boost from the team.”

As for medication management, Harrison is very impressed with the way he and other members of the team are now able to deliver. 

“We’re already seeing a massive, massive impact on our day-to-day with using the Birdie medication management system. We’re picking up on errors, and our auditing has seen a massive, massive improvement.”

We’re already seeing a huge impact on our day-to-day with using the Birdie medication management system. We’re picking up on errors, and our auditing has seen a massive, massive improvement.

Harrison Fensome, Managing Director at Caring Forever

‍Caring Forever are taking the tension out of medication management

The team at Caring Forever are confident that not only will they get an improved rating at their next CQC inspection, but that they can continue to focus on their growth and success. Now they not only have the time back to move beyond the day-to-day running of the business, but they have taken some of the unnecessary stress out of auditing, medication management and software accessibility issues. Expect big things from Caring Forever in the future!

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