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Take on contracts with confidence

Co-developed with finance professionals, we offer technology custom-built for social care agencies like yours.

Correct errors in seconds

Our invoice dashboard works in real-time, so you see immediate results.

Complexity made easy

Easily handle complex pay or invoice set ups.

Invoice for all types of care

Create invoices for all types of care and manage them in one place.

What partners love about Birdie's Invoicing technology

Our Invoice tool supports you to cut down your regular invoicing workflows and take on new contracts with the confidence.

Real-time invoice dashboard

Any selections you make will be applied in real-time with our Invoice Dashboard. Plus, easily see their sent and payment status.

Configurable suite of rates for more flexibility

Set different rates for pay, travel, invoices, and bank holiday - plus a variety of service types!

Select different invoice formats that suit your payers

Choose, for each contract that you have, the invoice format you need, such as standard, local authority and NHS.

State of Tech Report 2022


State of Tech Report 2022

78% of Birdie users save between 3-7 hours a week on rostering, billing and payroll.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our features.

What is Birdie’s invoicing technology?
Can I select the frequency at which I generate invoicing?
Can I pay and charge planned or actual times?
Can I input the invoice into my accounting software?