Keep on top of everything

You’ll always know what’s happening so you can react immediately.

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Task planner feature as listed on Birdie, featuring visit progress, medication and daily taskshand drawn illustration of a geo pin
Geo check-in feature on the Birdie App for call monitoring, showing a location mismatch alert for a carers visit

Secure Check-in

Be there for your carers

Know that your staff are safe and everyone is where they should be at all times with secure GPS call monitoring*.

*we also offer one-time-password call monitoring.

eMAR- medication monitoring

See medication at a glance

See a complete record for every medication administered and get an alert if they're missed. With instant visibility, you can reduce your risks, audit instantly and keep track of everything.

Care log and medication log on Birdie showing medication schedules and daily logs with the option to change and update
Medication alert on Birdie for medication not taken

Alert Inbox

Stay ahead of issues

If there’s a concern, your staff can immediately raise an alert, so you can act fast. The Alert Inbox helps you prioritise alerts such as concerns, medication issues, check in mishaps... so you’re always a step ahead.

Carer holding phone with Birdie app open
Within a minute we know what’s happening. And, as a carer you can be sure that any incident reported will be taken care”

Care Manager, Surecare

Birdie app screens showing Annie’s food log for the day, plus notes from a carer


Prepare carers for every visit

With a detailed tasks list, eMAR, care plans and easy-to-fill-in observation logs, everything your care staff needs is on their phone.

Visit Log

See everything as it happens

Get an instant overview of every visit your care staff makes with live medication records, care logs and wellbeing reports, all there for you to see whenever you need to.

Birdie task screen showing Clive’s food log and carer notes
picture of a walking stick placed next to a sofa
I feel overall our risks have been reduced, and less mistakes are made which will have a positive impact on our CQC rating.”

Prioritising People’s Lives

Screens from Birdie showing how Birdie works alongside rostering apps

Rostering Integrations

Use one app for everything

If you’re already using a rostering system, there’s no need to change a thing. We're working to integrate seamlessly with most systems so your staff can operate everything from Birdie.

Integrated at all times

Monitor at all times

Hand drawn illustration of a detached house with shuttered windows, surrounded by different home sensors including door sensors and wrist watch fall detectors

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