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Real-time travel estimates

Create your most efficient rota yet

Our travel time visual will give you an immediate understanding of travel across your rota - and help you quickly identify what’s possible.

Easy to view

Our visuals mean you can feel confident you have the information needed to make good decisions - and fast.

Maximise their time

Make the most of your care professionals valuable time - and close the gaps on your rota.

Total peace of mind

Keep the minimum travel time needed to ensure your care professionals will be on time.

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Real-time travel estimates

Our rota real-time travel estimates feature gives you all the tools needed to easily visualise travel time - directly on your rota screen!

Surface travel time warnings

Rather than guess and check, see and know straight away if there’s not enough travel time between visits.

Turn on/off as you need it, with configurable settings

Choose when you need to access the travel time visuals.

See real-time changes as you drag and drop

As you move any visit, the visual will change to reflect the new travel time required.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Birdie’s real-time travel estimates?

Birdie leverages real-time travel estimates to give you an immediate understanding of travel across your rota - and enable you to make informed decisions when scheduling or moving any visit.

What is used to calculate the travel time?

Birdie uses a mapping API to calculate real-time travel estimates based on mileage and the latest traffic between locations.

What safeguards are there to prevent insufficient travel time?

To safeguard against missed or late visits, Birdie surfaces visual cues and warnings that alert you if there is not enough time between any two visits.

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