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State of Tech, 2022

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April 7, 2022

How Prioritising People’s Lives support their carers' wellbeing with Birdie

About Prioritising People’s Lives

Prioritising People’s Lives is a home care provider in the North East of England, covering Teeside, Scarborough and Alnwick.

The team provides care for people of all ages with many different needs, including learning and physical disabilities, dementia, cerebral palsy and complex needs.

They worked hard to achieve an overall Good CQC rating for three consecutive years and have plans to improve even further.

The challenge

Carers at Prioritising People’s Lives were dealing with lots of paperwork for each client. Paper care plans, care records and medication charts meant that writing was taking up too much time at each call. They really wanted to free up that time for client care.

The team also wanted a better way to track what needed to be done at each visit. Forgetting to sign for a medication, for example, meant repercussions down the line, and worry and stress for the carer. Managers wanted a way for carers to have peace of mind that they’d done everything before they left each client’s home.

The solution

A clear list of tasks gave carers comfort around providing medications to care recipients

Prioritising People’s Lives needed a digital system to replace their existing paper records. The ability to see everything from one device would mean the end of (what felt like!) endless writing and organising multiple sheets of paper.

If carers could access care plans digitally, they’d be able to quickly and easily see what needed doing at each visit. Even better if they had a checklist to work through, for reassurance that they hadn’t missed anything.

“As a carer, I think it’s brilliant because it’s so easy to use. It’s just basically, check-in, tasks are listed and then the medication is all listed, details everything."  

Asfana, Managing Director at Prioritising People's Lives

Here’s how they did it

Prioritising People’s Lives onboarded to Birdie’s all-in-one home care platform. Managers can now update care plans from the office, and carers can access client records via an app on their phones. No more stacks of paper to keep track of! 

Even better - carers have a checklist of tasks for each client, so they know when they leave a home that they’ve completed everything for that care recipient. This feature alone takes away a lot of stress and worry for carers, and allows them to focus on providing excellent care. 

As an additional benefit to Prioritising People’s Lives, using Birdie has also reduced mistakes and improved compliance.

It's just really straightforward to use!

Asfana, Managing Director at Prioritising People's Lives

Supporting carers with Birdie

Prioritising People’s Lives is a home care provider in the North East of England, caring for people with a range of disabilities and needs. The team wanted to support their carers by reducing the amount of paperwork they had to do for each call. They were also looking for a way to reassure carers that they had completed all the required tasks before leaving a client’s home, to give them peace of mind that they hadn’t missed anything.

To solve these issues, Prioritising People’s Lives partnered with Birdie and onboarded to a fully digital system. Birdie has freed up time for carers, who now work through a digital checklist of tasks for each client instead of a stack of paperwork! As a result, carers feel supported and have more time to deliver excellent care. 

Features mentioned

Secure call monitoring options
Carer app
Plan and schedule tasks
Medication Management (e-Mar)