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say Birdie helps them deliver more person-centred care than before

February 26, 2022

How Key 2 Care delivers person-centred care to over 400 service users

About Key 2 Care

Set in the rolling hills of the East Midlands, the Key 2 Care team provide homecare, personal assistance and support services to over 400 unique service users.

The challenge

The Key 2 Care team has earned a glowing reputation for their person-centred care. This is no mean feat; making sure each carer has the time and space on each visit to sit down and properly connect with their client takes alot of expertise behind the scenes!

The Key 2 Care team knew that their original paper-based care planning system may no longer work effectively as they started to grow; more carers and clients on the books meant more care plans, assessments and more important details to keep on top of. 

It was really important that the whole team felt confident that carers were still providing high-quality person-centred care, and that if anything changed over the course of a client visit, that the team knew what it was and how to resolve it and avoid the risk of non-compliance.

The solution

Key 2 Care were looking to make the switch from paper to a digital care planning system. They wanted a way to easily create and update care plans, to share those with carers on-the-go and to quickly access carer visit logs at the click of a button. 

Key 2 Care also wanted a way to monitor individual visits to ensure their care continued to be delivered in a person-centred way - and to be able to quickly provide feedback and support if it looked like things were slipping. 

To help them achieve this, the care leadership team wanted a system that shared realtime alerts based on changes in client needs, refusals of medication or when a carer didn’t complete an activity.

Before Birdie, we may have considered a 48hr update to a care plan quite responsive, but now we can do the same in five minutes. We are providing better, person-centred care.

Phil Mason, Business Manager at Key 2 Care

Here's how they did it

Key 2 Care onboarded onto Birdie’s insightful planning software. This came with the abilities to create person-centred care plans in the office, to share them with carers and to access visit logs instantly. Carers could also use the available digital assessments during their visits, ensuring that they kept a log of their clients changing needs and continued to deliver person-centred care.

Technology makes assessments easier - things aren’t lost in translation between the assessment and getting that onto paper. We can do it there and then using the Birdie system.

Phil Mason, Business Manager at Key 2 Care

Delivering person-centred care to over 400 service users

East Midlands care providers Key 2 Care built an excellent reputation thanks to the extraordinary quality of their person-centred care. However as their client base started to grow, their paper-based system was starting to cause concerns around visibility - and the team were keen to make sure standards remained high. 

Key 2 Care therefore chose to upgrade to a digital care planning system so their carers could continue to deliver on person-centred care at every visit. This system provided them with the ability to create person-centred care plans, to share them with carers on-the-go and to monitor care visits to provide feedback as quickly as possible. Phil Mason, Business Manager at Key 2 Care has been really pleased with the change;

“The live elements of the Birdie allow us to identify shortfalls in service, changes in need, refusals of medication, the need for medication reviews etc, quicker. We can be more effective and responsive to customers needs and desires…It’s a huge improvement on where we were.”

Phil Mason, Business Manager at Key 2 Care

Even with a growing client base, the Key 2 Care team are continuing to provide outstanding person-centred care all across the East Midlands thanks to easy-to-use care management software from Birdie.

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