How to build and maintain staff morale - 6 tips for home care providers

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A boost in staff morale tends to correlate with lower turnover, increased productivity and a generally happier and healthier workforce. High staff morale is a challenge to maintain in stable periods but is even more challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic that has bought new challenges and increased uncertainty. 

Homecare providers are facing a two-fold challenge. Firstly in motivating care workers on the front line, who may feel frustrated, overworked and anxious about increased risks of contracting COVID-19. Secondly in supporting a new fleet of remote workers who have suddenly flipped to home working and may be feeling disconnected, isolated and out of the loop. 

Here are some tried and tested ways of boosting staff morale that homecare providers can try through these testing times. 

Communicate well and often

Do all staff members receive important information at the same time? Communicating key information is vital to ensure everyone in your team is adequately informed and feels in the loop at all times.. Consider setting up a whatsapp group for teams so that they can obtain support and advice any place, any time. Care managers are encouraged to make themselves accessible and available to staff so that care workers feel adequately supported. 

Implement an employee and carer of the month scheme

Showing appreciation for your employees is one of the best ways of boosting staff morale, especially during the trying times of COVID-19. Some homecare providers run a carer of the month scheme that showcases individuals who have gone above and beyond for older adults. The same applies for office staff who go the extra mile. 

Offer incentives for hard work

This could be something simple like offering a shopping voucher or a duvet day for those who’ve excelled and shown real commitment to clients. Offering these rewards will incentivise staff to commit and work even harder!  It will also boost staff loyalty to the company. 

Ask for feedback

Urge your staff to relay any concerns they have about working in the climate of COVID-19. These are unparalleled times that come with a bank of new anxieties and worries. Encourage your staff to speak out about areas they need extra support with and where they feel things have been managed well. 

Encourage regular breaks

Regular breaks are essential to have happy, healthy and productive employees. When the brain becomes tired, it begins to work less, which can lead to mistakes and low work quality. For frontline care workers who are delivering care, this is crucial to ensure the well-being of both staff and older adults. 

At Birdie we are proud to showcase frontline staff who have gone above and beyond through our Carer of the month article. Do reach out to us if you have an employee you would like to nominate. 

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